Coming from Monterosso where I spend the morning at! I am off to Vernazza, the second village of the day! Feeling famished since I had not have much to eat in the morning, I am also on the hunt for lunch at Vernazza! As per the usual! I missed the train again, although my time have always past by in a breeze! Afterall, resting on a bench, using your phone with such a view isn’t too shabby! Vernazza is the 4th stop of my Cinque Terre adventures! It is a short 2 mins train ride away and there is sure a crowd now in the afternoon where all of the day trippers just made it to the area! Vernazza is the only town that have a natural harbour and you can still see many of the fisherman activities around here! It sure felt more vibrant and happening from Monterosso!

The train station of Vernazza is located right in the village, in fact it is located on a little platform right in it. Come down a level and you are on the main street. It sure felt like it was summer right now! The weather that day was awesome as well! It aren’t too cold, neither was it sweat inducing! The sun was out so you can see everyone having their tourists hats on and shades!

I had a brief walk thru the village and the most happening part was definitely the harbour as well as the square right in front of it! In fact it was time for lunch when I was here. Everywhere is packed! With many dining at the numerous restaurant and bars in the square, the weather was perfect with many alfresco tables being taken up. Then for those who are just looking for a bite, the harbour is filled with people having their pizza or fried seafood! My original plan was to dine at Restaurant Belforte which was closed. The restaurant is at the top of the castle and is one of the best in town! Thankfully the view is still worth the effort to make it up to the top!

In the end I just choose to dine at Taverna del Capitano, which is located right on Piazza Guglielmo Marconi. It is based on seafood dishes and pasta! Hell! I never regret my decision to dine here at all! I choose to sat outside of course, it is sure nice to bask under the sun while working on your seafood and a glass of white wine! Of course every meal in Italy, like I loved, start with bread and oil! I love that feeling of salt with the fruity olive oil! Of course some wine with a view of the harbour, how amazing that is! Fancy! I would sip wine here all day long!

I went all out since I was so famished and I got the Grilled Mixed Seafood! Coming at 22 Euros! It sure is on the pricey side, but so worth it! In fact it was my only meal of the day since I was so full after this! It was kind of an affair when the dish came! While I was working on it. The people sited beside me was pretty impressive and giving me “that” looks! It was the full works, there was a whole fish tail, then a fresh baby squid, two prawns, two langoustine and a heap of mussels, all lay on a bunch of salad and orange! Everything was so fresh! Squeeze all the lemon over the seafood to get the little citrus feel! My favourite was the fish and prawns which were so sweet!

Of course the best activity to do after a heavy meal will be strolling around the village. i walk everywhere and spend quite some time at the harbour area. The waves in Vernazza was particular powerful! The harbour was definitely the most happening place here, kids are running around, while the grown ups are having a much more leisurely time, reading a book or just chilling on the rocks! Me, not wanting to be the action also climb here and there on the rocks just to get all the shots! It is really lovely to take a picture here! In fact, after Manarola, both Vernazza and Riomaggiore are a close second in my heart! I can’t tell which one I prefer!

At the harbour I could also see some jelly fish in action right by the boats, although they are too tiny and kind of hard to see on the camera! On the opposite side of the harbour, there is also a church perched on the cliffside. It is pretty nice and unique. With the windows facing the waters and boosting good views!

Another very special place and a bit a hidden one that I explored was along the street of Vernazza, it is actually block off and with a sign that said not to enter. However the adventures me and a couple other just decide to went along. The sign say rocks and high waves. It is like a little ghetto to get to the other side of the rocks! It was like a little beach area and the water were really strong! I believe that when it is high tide the place might be flooded. It actually look a little more rustic and perfect for some pictures. You do get some muddy shoes here though! Stay safe!

I had a little stroll a while more around the town before choosing to head back to Manarola and spend the evening chasing the sunset while the town goes dark! Next up, I will share on the other towns of Cinque Terre!

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