The second day, I was up bright and early, excited to check out the other villages in Cinque Terre! Monterosso al mare or more commonly known as Monterosso is my  destination! Of the 5 villages, Monterosso is the furthest from La Spezia, it is also the most touristy village out of the 5! In Monterosso, you can find many nice tourist resort and fine hotels. It is also the only one out of the 5 that you are able to find an actual beach! My plan was to check out two villages this day! One in the morning and one in the afternoon! As per the norm, there was quite a wait for the train since one had just left when I arrived at the station. Thankful Manarola station was pretty chill, you get a nice view of the waters and the constant sound of waves crashing onto the rocks also kept me entertained! I later met two american tourists who one of them was a member of United States Air Force based in Italy! What a coincidence! We had a little chat and were both making our way to Monterosso! Sure nice to have someone to take picture for you!

In fact it felt like a old school Santa Monica when I first step out of the train station. I would say that the town of Monterosso have two parts! One where the actual establishment is located at and one where the beach is located! Yes! Monterosso is the only town that have an actual beach in Cinque Terre! There is one main route in Monterosso and it runs along the beach!

However it is not the really white, fine, sandy kind of beach that we are used to! It is more of the pebby stones kind of beach! I sure had some fun strolling along the beach and of course, taking some pictures! I met the tourists from the train station earlier and that is how I got some nice pictures!

I then head to the far end of the beach area where you can check out the rocky part which were really close to the waters. Seeing and hearing the gushing powerful water is really impressive! I also got to see some locals fishing on the rocks!

I enjoyed a little me time on the beach playing around the stones and enjoying the breeze before making my way to the other side of the town! A little later in the morning, I saw that there were some street sellers setting up at the beach to sell some stuff! After all it isn’t really the season for sun tanning where you can see all the beach umbrellas coming out! The two sides of the town is connected via a tunnel where you can walk alongside or you can also take the more scenic route where you pass by along the rocks and coast. It is a little longer but definitely worth it. Looking down on the waters and beach, you can really tell how clear the water are! I can really see through all the way to the rocks!

I was in the actual town of Monterosso and it was really quaint and quiet! It is a little more flat and less hilly. I had a little walk through the town and there was just restaurant and stuff! You could find the boats being covered up in the beach area since it is not in the season right now! I would say that it is rather different from what you see in the other 4 villages in Cinque Terre.

In fact I find Monterosso so underwhelming when compared to the rest of the other places in Cinque Terre! Monterosso and Corniglia are my least favourite of Cinque Terre! If you are in a rush! Monterosso is something that you could skip and not miss anything! Next up, I will be heading to Vernazza in the afternoon! Second village of the day!

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