Sadly to say, Corniglia is my least favourite out of all the other towns. Corniglia is also the only one that does not lead to the waterfront. Instead it is perched on top of a hill! It is very different from the others! This is also the village that I will not recommend anyone to stay at or use as a base for travelling around Cinque Terre! The location of Corniglia does not make it very easy to travel around. The train station is located at the foot and you can either take a bus up or hike up. The walking path is well maintained and easy enough to do so. It is pretty tough though, with 365 steps to reach the top and also slope. Each step of the path represent each day of the year! Although tough! You also get sweeping view of the surrounding! At the top you can even see Manarola, which is the town that is next to Corniglia!

As per my very “healthy” lifestyle in Europe, of course I did the hike up to Corniglia! The steps sure look like it will never finish! Of course the view at the top is pretty amazing! There was a little path that leads to the town and it was really really very small! It is more like a bus stop area. It was quiet as well! Seemingly there is not much people in town. Perhaps it is the season!

I wandered around the narrow alleys and path of the town in search of a place to grab some grub! I have not had some food since waking up! Inside the alley there was more crowd than the square! There seems to be nothing much in Corniglia. I did pass by a statue and a church along one of the alley though!

The highlight of the trip to Corniglia got to be Bar Terza Terra! It is a little bar located along the alley and beside that they have this little outdoor patio area which is the most happening area in the whole of Corniglia! This day! The weather was awesome! The sun was bearing down and it was warm! But definitely still comfortable outdoor! In fact I spend the bulk of my time in Corniglia here! The patio area faces the sea and sky. Being on top of a hill you also get a great sweeping view of the ligurian coastal area. To say which bar is my favourite? Bar Terza Terra got to be the top of the list!

For a view of this caliber, the prices here at Bar Terza Terra got to be say to be super affordable! The menu consists of all the various cocktails, wines then they had panino and salads on the menu as well! You can also get cold cuts as well, which is always a favourite in Italy! I got the Aperitivo Cocktail set since I would love to have an Aperol Spritz! It comes with an cocktail of your choice. A board of pesto, anchovies, cheese and honey! Perfect!

I sat at the patio and simply just gaze into the blue sky over the horizon while sipping my Aperol Spritz! It is sure perfect! Life should come to a stand still right now at this moment! I spend quite a bit of time here, although there isn’t wifi! I sort of engage in some conversation with some fellow travellers. There is a couple from Switzerland and also a couple from San Francisco! We share a little of our travelling and then also our country! I also got some advice for my upcoming time in San Francisco! Last but not least, of course helping each other taking pictures! Here are some of the pictures that I took here!

How perfect does that look! That pretty sums up my time in Corniglia! Bar Terza Terra is a place that you definitely cannot miss if you are ever here!

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