I would like to share with you all the crown product of the OBB Railways. The first class cabins on the OBB Railjet. Railjet are the Austrian high speed trains that can go up to 230km/hr. They operate both international rail lines as well as internally within Austria. Some of the popular routes that they operate are Munich to Salzburg or even all the way to Vienna. In fact you can reach Salzburg from Munich in 90 mins and from Salzburg to Vienna in 2.5hr. They are comfortable and spacious. In fact train are such an efficient way to travel in Europe. No liquid limits, no need for long security lines and check in. Stations are usually right smack in town. The amount of baggage that you can bring is only limit by your strength itself. While I usually write only about my flights, I will like to differ a bit from my usual and share a little on the product since I took the first class cabin. In the future, I will also be doing a comparison on the rail products in Europe!

Some of my general thoughts on travelling on the OBB Rails. The website is easy enough to operate and prices are definitely affordable when you purchase in advance! Even for First Class tickets. I felt that the OBB Trains are definitely less crowded than their German counterparts. It is really easy to do so, you don’t even need to print the ticket out anymore, showing on the app will work just fine. The main difference in First Class and Second Class would be the seats and more personal space. You usually get a better recline and leather seats. The best benefits would be the extra space, less crowded and more quiet. Sometimes you really need to find space for your baggage. Somehow I also felt that the wifi is a little faster as well since there is less people sharing the bandwidth. Depending on whether you value it, a first class ticket also gets you access into the lounge! For my journey to Munich which takes about 4hr30mins I figure that it will be worth it to pay the 10 plus euros more to give it a try!

It was a short walk from the lounge to the platform and I was way early. Usually the train arrived much earlier and stops longer at the main stations or the originating point. I relax myself at one of the nice spacious leather seats. If you have a seat reservation, the cabin and seat number would be in your ticket. In spite of being sure, I actually prefer not having a reservations since you could just choose and seat and board at any cabin of your class. Sometimes it is quite a hassle to find the correct cabin to board with only minutes of stopping time at the station, then you have to make your way down the aisle with people stopping to put up their luggages! As per the norm the configurations in First Class is always 1-2 with both forward facing and backward facing seats. While in Second Class it is always in 2-2 configuration!

While it is nice to seat along the window and have no one beside you when you are travelling alone, sometimes I preferring taking the dual seats especially when the cabin is empty. This way I would always seat on the outside seat and place my baggage on the inside seat. You could keep a close eye on my bags, you can never be too sure! Larger bags can be store at the start and end of the cabins, you can also find ample space on racks above the seats!

I also love the seats of the Railjet which are chic and came in black and red. Another great feature that I love while compared to the DB ICE Train was the overhead monitors that they had, they show the progress of the journey which is useful since sometimes the announcement are too fast and you may not understand the language. A small tip for you guys. I will always set an alarm that is about 15min prior to the arrival time incase I accidentally fall asleep or something! Get your stuff and wait at the door when the train is approaching your station since sometimes the stops are really brief. First Class tickets also get you access to the lounge.

You can usually find power sockets, jacket hanger on your seats. There is usually a meal cabin in your train and in First Class the personnel would usually come by and ask for order. Prices are actually comparable. Usually the tables are larger as well which you will appreciate when using your laptop or working. Wife are also often provided on high speed trains and are pretty good, don’t expect video streaming quality but they are still pretty usable. The seats are definitely spacious and comfortable. The have a healthy amount of recline as well. The seats are something like domestic first class in America. Those travelling in groups may opt for those seats in the middle of the cabin where the forward facing and backward facing seats meet. It forms into a group seating. Give it a try the next time you take a train!

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