Welcome to another lounge report of Seeing The World In Steps travel dairies. As with the DB Lounge in munich that I have shared earlier with you peeps. I felt that train lounge are great and perfect, especially for the travellers that are not used to travelling by train frequently and also the travellers out of the country. The are a great use to leverage on the refreshments, toilets and a safe place to keep your baggage at times. As a traveller the most hurdles that I faced are finding complementary toilets in train stations and also a “safer” place to put your stuff when travelling alone! The use of it even increase especially when you are making transfers or miss a connections. The previous lounge saved my life while travelling through Munich! Access are usually given when you have a loyalty card or are travelling on a first class train tickets. When buying in advance, the price difference are not that much of a different, so you can put this into consideration when making the purchase.

I decided to leave my accommodation slightly earlier to check out the OBB Lounge Wien Hauptbahnhof. The lounge is operated by the Austrian Rail Company, OBB and as per the norm, decked out in red, the color of the company. Wien Hauptbahnhof is one of the few train stations in Vienna. Vienna have a couple of train stations and most of them are like the Wien, which is new and nice. There were clear signs to the lounge and you can find it on the second floor. In a sharp contrast to the DB Lounge at Munich, the OBB Lounge was quiet and there were only a handful of people. This is amazing since the DB Lounge felt like a busy fast food restaurant in comparison.

I entered after showing my ticket. There were plenty of seats and the refreshments were located in the corner. Before I come to that I will like to share a little on the environment, I really love the decor and placement of the lounge. The lounge have a view of the grand terminal and also a partial view of the platform and departure screens. It felt less claustrophobic and more spacious, more open. It felt bright! It ranges from small couple tables on the windows to sofa seats along the walls. They were comfortable. For those who were like to work on their devices, there was outlets all around and conveniently placed! At the end of the lounge there was also computers that you can used.

On the refreshments side, there was drinks that ranges from soft drinks to juices and teas. They even had bottles branded sparkling water and mineral water. There was not much offering but everything seems to be of quality. Things were individually bottles. There was snacks and also a couple of partries. I had a few of the madeleine which was great! The coffee machine was also MF branded and serve a good cup of cuppa, as the norm in Austria! Do keep in mind that alcoholic beverages is only served in the evening if that is what you are looking for!

I was there for an hour or so and there wasn’t much crowd ever in the lounge, there was a couple of people coming and leaving but it never get crowded. To be frank! I love the environment to say! But train lounges aren’t a huge influences in me purchasing a first class train ticket, it is the length of the journey! But sometimes with the promotions and discount when making a early purchase, why not?

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