This post and sharing is going to be kind of short since the weather was extremely bad on the days that I was in Munich. There was some kind of storm going on in Northern Europe and the wind were really gusting and it kind of rain the whole time I was there. It is kind of a turnoff when the weather hits on your travels. However I should probably be prepared for it given the length of my travel, somehow delays, strikes, cancellation, rain, you just get use to it. On the bright side, on a long travels it is somehow good to have kind of a midpoint where you can rest and repercurate. To put it on point, somehow you have been heading out everyday for the past few weeks. It was my second time in Munich, probably the reason where I was kind of more chill. Thankfully I also did couchsurfing which kinda mix it up, Thanks Jessica! I also get to check out the Nymphenburg Palace and tried one of the local dish!

Cold, Dark and Gloomy! That was what that welcomed me after arriving from Vienna. Thankful my host Jessica was there and it was really nice to have a friend there. Her place turn out to be the most cosy one to hide from all the cold and gloomy weather. The place is a couple stop away from the Hauptbahnhof, inbetween the city centre and the Nymphenburg. That was perfect since my two goals for being back in Munich was heading to Fussen to check out the castle and visiting the Englisher Gardens and Nymphenburg Palace. Sadly the trip to Fussen was a wash out since the weather is bad.

I did not do much on the first day that I was in town since it got really dark soon and I was so exhausted from all the travelling. I did check out a local restaurant and pub and had some local grub. It was really nice. They even had a live band going on.

I tried a type of local dish which was pork fillet and spatzel. Which is a kind of soft egg noodles found in Germany. It is the one where you pore the noodles batter over a large hole sieve into the boiling water. It is my first time having it and it is kind of nice. It was then finish in a pan which gave it a little char flavour and crispiness. The pork was great as well. Afterall you can’t go wrong in having meat in Germany! The environment was great. Afterall it is a local place and I guess I am the only one that is out. In case that you want to try, the restaurant name is Sappralott. Keep in mind that the portion is HUGE!

The next day I was out early, while the weather stayed dried. I hit the usual places and it was great seeing the Marienplatz after 2 years. The place is nice as usual. I even tried to check out the Englisher Gardens but it started drizzling and I just shrug it off before returning back to hibernate. It was pretty quiet though since it is a gloomy sunday morning. Here are some of the pictures.

In the late afternoon, seeing that the rain has stopped, I decided to give it a try and head to the Nymphenburg Palace. I made it a point to at least check off something off my list for Munich. Really hate to accomplish nothing and feel like a waste in Munich. It was walkable from my place to the Nymphenburg. It took like 30mins but I did enjoyed the walk.

It was lovely though seeing the sunsetting as I was making my way over. It felt like the gloomy weather was finally over while the sun came out. The skies was lovely as were the doves that came out of the water, seemingly wanting to get a tan as well. The wind were still gusting a little though. I felt like a little local German as well, walking by neighbourhood where the locals job and stroll. The Nymphenburg Palace was so impressive as it starts to caught my eye while getting more in sight as I make my way nearer. It was gorgeous, beautiful. For those who are unsure, the Nymphenburg Palace is a 18th century baroque style palace. It is one of the main attractions in town and totally impressive. It showcase the power and affluent Bavarian leaders. It also had a nickname called Castle of the Nymph.

Overall, Munich was pretty fun for me despite everything. Seeing the Nymphenburg Palace was definitely the highlight for me. I also enjoyed spending time with Jessica it was lovely to take a tour around town with her. She really had great knowledge on the city. Now, Fussen and the disneyland castle remains a regret for me!

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