After a whirlwind journey all the way from Amsterdam, Seeing The World In Steps is finally checking out another country and also another brand new city. Finally Austria after hearing so much about it. The land of Mozart, here I come. It was almost dark when I finally arrived in Salzburg, Salzburg main train station sure look gorgeous. It is a little walk to the main portion of town. Nearby the train station you can also find eateries and supermarket that are open later and definitely on Sundays. With the train delay and the winter approaching, I really didn’t had much time to tour around on the first night that I arrived. Hotel Adlerhof is a pension like hotel that I find. For those who are unsure with the term pension, it refers to something like a bed and breakfast, it is a nice alternative to hostels and airbnb, some of them are really nice. You get close to hotel service at a cheaper price! It is pretty nice, the location is near to the train station, perhaps about a 5-7 mins walk and it fit my budget. For those whom are interested, I paid about 95 SGD for a single room per night and it comes with breakfast!

With my pre downloaded google offline maps, I found the pension with ease. When booking a pension, it is important to take note if the receptions is open 24 hours, some of them don’t, or at night there is only a caretaker. Thankfully my arrival time was pre communicated. The place is nice and it felt okay. The room that I got was pretty spacious even though it is a single room. The room was decked in wood furniture and had it charms, there was a tv and also a single sofa. While not luxurious, it satisfy my needs and you get those old school heavy metal keys.

The toilet was also of a decent size, in fact I even did my laundry here right in the basin. The only thing that I didn’t really like of the room was the spotty wifi and also the package soap that they give, it felt so miserable! On the good side, the water pressure is good and there was a hair dryer, if you know me well, these are the things that I care about the most and the shower head could be taken down. I really hate those that are fixed to the wall. The staff was nice, he gave me tips on the surrounding and stuff. One thing to take note was the environment in Salzburg, while Austria is known for its safety, I definitely didn’t felt it in Salzburg at night and it was dark and quiet. I will share more on this later.

Breakfast is located on the ground floor, near the reception. It was simple and a continental offering. Thankfully the breads and cold cuts tasted fresh and delicious. The juice though are those diluted ones and the coffee, in a good way I would say it is disappointing for a country who is well known for their coffee and cafes.

If you would like you could also rent a bike from the pension. All in all I still find the pension to be okay. I would not mind to stay here again with my budget. Keep in mind that Austria is an expensive country. To have like a 3 star hotel with this daily rate and breakfast is great! Next up I will share on the cafes in Salzburg! An experience you should never miss!

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