They all go hand in hand! Please don’t tell others that you have ever step foot in Austria if you didn’t visit an authentic Austrian café, drink a cup of coffee and order a cake from the ladies in the café. Oh yea, a good note to remember is if the staff are polite to you in it. It isn’t an authentic Austrian café! In an Austrian café, the waiter will always take your order from the menu, this includes coffees and other food items and then the females would be the one that goes around with a platter of cakes for you to order from. The funny thing is that you paid for the cakes and coffee in separate bills, this, I could never understand!

There are a couple of really nice cafes in Salzburg, most of them is located in the city centre, with the most famous one being the Sacher Café in Sacher Hotel, after all they are famous for the Sachertote cake in Austria, you can find them both in Salzburg and Vienna. Do note that it is extremely touristy.

The one that I would really recommend would be Café Tomaselli, it is located on the main square in Salzburg and one thing you could never miss the gorgeous exterior of the place. Then you will find the crowd out on the outdoor seating’s right under the sun. Yea it is one of the best past time here, sit under the sun, shades on, newspaper in hand with a slice of cake and a cup of coffee on the table. I wish this could be my life every day if I have the time and also the stomach for all the delicious cakes.

If you opt for one of the indoor seats at Café Tomaselli, the opulent interior will not leave you disappointing as well. The place is simply so grand and gorgeous. I had a nice cup of coffee top with fresh whipped crème, the way they do it in Vienna. Every cup of coffee is also served with a small shot of sparkling water.

The choice of cakes will simply leave you dumbfound here. Don’t bother asking for recommendations because they will just say everything is nice, giving you a harder decision to make.

Another place that I visited was Café Winkel Zucker, this place isn’t as grand or as popular as the previous one, although it is famous for its strudel which is really good, It is an “upstairs” café which is maybe why it is quieter. They have a range of strudel but their speciality is the definitely the apple one with vanilla sauce.

The apple is a little tart which is why it goes super well with the warm and creamy vanilla sauce, they balance each other out. It is just comforting to have it, although I did get really “gelat” at the end. It will be nice to share it since the portion is pretty huge and a coffee to go with it would be perfect as well!

If cafes are your thing to do when travelling or when you need a place to rest your feet in Salzburg, you definitely have to visit this two cafes in Salzburg. Let me know how you find them!

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