When you think of Salzburg, you probably thought that it is a very artistic cause it is known as the birthplace of Mozart! I must be very bad to say this but Salzburg isn’t anyway near the top of my list at all, it was just simply pretty okay for me only. Being my first city in Austria, it is just like what I heard about the country, the place is clean and nice, people are not as friendly and they hate their neighbours, the Germans. If you have read the previous few post of mine you will know that due to my train delay I arrived in Salzburg pretty late. I simply only have time for a meal on the day that I arrived.

After a pretty scary walk to the restaurant which I will share later on. This restaurant is known as one of the best and oldest in the city, while the streets are super quiet in the evening, it is definitely bustling inside the restaurant. I had the famous Austrian fried chicken at Barenwirt. It is okay, the chicken is pretty nice, it is kind of the breaded kind and it is well seasoned. With a dash of lemon and a huge cup of the local beer, that is the way to go.

The next day, I was up bright and early for some sightseeing. A note to keep in mind would be the distance of the train station to the main city centre. Although Salzburg is a small city and pretty walkable, it is quite far, at a good speed, it will take around 20 to 30mins. Although busses are readily available and pretty easy. My first destination of the city would be the Schloss Hellbrunn, I hope I spelled it correctly, it is known as the summer palace where you can see all kinds of water fountains. It is a bus trip away and you can take the bus from the main train station. A return ticket cost 5 Euros. The surrounding are pretty nice, especially the gardens, I took plenty of pictures here.

Next up is the city centre of Salzburg, along the banks are some pretty nice photo spots as well. With the sun out and bright, it is really nice to take some pictures. Salzburg is pretty hilly, so here, you can see the surrounding hills and mountains. One of them is Kapuzinerberg which is located nearby the city centre, it boost great views of the city. Trust me it is really gorgeous. Especially after you make your way up there, disclaimer first, it isn’t an easy climb!

Another one is the famous fortress that you definitely have to go if you are ever in Salzburg! For this it is easier since you can take a cable car from the old town up. The price is around 10 Euros plus and it is really worth it. I find that it is the best attractions in Salzburg, I enjoyed it the most. You get the whole overlook of the city then you also learn about the history of Salzburg, why is it so important in the past and the importance of the fortress in the past. But hands down the view is the best. You can even see the surrounding alps!

Last but not least the place you got to head to would be Schloss Mirabell, known also as the Mirabell Palace, the grounds are very nice with many good spots as well. There are many flowers in the gardens. It is free as well!

I spend the rest of the time checking out the city centre, it isn’t really big and there are not many things to see as well. One of the main one would be the Mozart house if you are interested. I could finish the whole city in about 2 to 3 hours. This including stopping frequently for pictures! In fact I would plan around one and a half day for Salzburg, this is a comfortable pace. Get used to the attitude of the locals and it is a pretty expensive place as well. Next up I will share about my journey to Hallstatt, a dream for me!

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