On my previous post, I mentioned that I was taking the ICE train from Amsterdam all the way to Salzburg, oh god that was a long journey! To make things even worse, my first train was delayed which created a domino effect and I miss all my subsequently train. Thankfully I took first class which gave me access to the lounge, if not I would be a monk from 8am in the morning till 6pm when I finally arrived in Salzburg! Cutting things short, after finding the next available train, I had an hour to spare which I went to check out the DB Lounge located in Munich Hauptbahnhof. I was pretty impressed by it. Yea Train Lounge are a thing despite it being not as famed as their airline counterparts. They are usually located in the few main stations and there are a few various ways where people could get access, one of the most common one would be travelling on a first class ticket!

Incredible, the lounge is super crowded! Usually the lounge would only be useful for people whom are originating their journey from the station since for those on connections, there usually won’t be enough time to use it since train connections are pretty short. As per their corporate colours, the lounge is mainly decked in red. For the Munich lounge it is located on the second level and there would be an associate after entering.

It was really packed and crowded, there is a toilets which is another good perk in Europe! While the lounge is ordinary and the refreshments look normal, with only some soda and coffee machine! I saw people having beer, food like I meant soup and stuff! I look really lost since there is no sign, neither did the staff approach and ask me if I wanted anything. The hungry and brave me, or perhaps shameless, just ask, it turns out that you can order sandwiches, soup and also alcoholic beverages. Yea beer is a thing in Germany and definitely Munich! Score, after not having food for the whole day. It sure feels like heaven.

I had a much needed coffee, a sandwich and also a bowl of piping hot soup. It is perfect. I would like to point out the view of the lounge where I am really unsure, are you offering such products but trying to limit the cost by not informing the customers of the offering or it is simply just the poor service of the staff that you have in the lounge. For me, it looks like they are being stingy. I will rather you cut some offerings and inform all the customers. Simple enough! Don’t let people feel like you are a stingy company. It simply looks bad. Some signs place in the lounge wouldn’t be too hard, is it?

Hope that you peeps like this short post, if you are ever travelling around Europe, check if you are available to access such lounge!

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  1. It is correct, there are no menus for the offered food and drinks in the first class areas of the DB Lounges. The staff usually informs you without asking. Maybe they just had a bad day.


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