This is probably a little funny! Dennison this guy is going to share about a crepes place when he is in Brussels. Isn’t Crepes a french thing. In Belgium, due to the close proximity to France and influences, especially Brussels, you can definitely find a lot of french influenced food. Crepes is definitely one of it! If you didn’t know, French and Flemish is the two main languages in Belgium! In Brussels it is definitely the french part! Cut the story short, this place is actually recommended to me by my host Chloe! Now you know that it is good! Especially when it comes from the local. The place is right in town, just a five mins walk from Grand Place.

I have been wanting to try it for some time but it is either close or I am too early. It usually opens at 11.30am in the morning. After our little shopping at the Zuidmarkt, we drop off the stuff back at our place and head straight for some savory crepes. I am really looking forward! Since the sun was out and shiny after a couple of chilly days. We choose to sit outside and the sun was blazing on us. It just felt so comfortable! The place had a huge selection of crepes, both savory and sweets ones. Disclaimer first! It is in French! Thankfully I had a chio company that speaks French, English and Chinese with me! The prices all ranges between 7 Euros to 11 Euros. While drinks are around 2 to 7 Euros.

For drinks I had a local beer, after all Brussels is a beer town ah! Chloe in the meanwhile had a mojito. It is just that perfect. Under the sun, shades on, legs crossed while you having some ice cold beer. However, surprisingly for the very first time, my beer actually turned warm in Europe! HAHA.

After much pondering, since the options are really numerous, I settled on a crepes with Roasted Chicken, Cheese, Egg and Spring Onions. I really like my choice as it is just that amazing. I purposely choose this as it had some meat and the egg, which was done so perfectly. I would like an egg cause I imagined dunking the crepes onto the runny yolk, how delicious it would be. And it came right as how I imagined it, the yolk was runny and soft. Egg yolks are like the perfect sauce ever. It is god greatest sauce creation! The crepe was huge, the portion in Brussels are definitely not going to leave you hungry, it came with a side small salad. I really like the way they cook it. It is kind of crisp on the outside. The purposely cook slightly longer to give the crust and yet inside was soft and tender. The chicken was flavourful and goes well with the cheese. It may seems ordinary but once you mix in with the egg. Voila. Everything comes in place. The spring onion also gave it another level of sensation. The freshness cutting through all the guiltiness. The crepes cost me 10.80 Euro.

Chloe in the meanwhile had a semi sweet crepes with apples. I can’t speak for her but I assumed that it is super nice cause she definitely polished it off faster than me. I didn’t even had a bite.

It was a nice place to have a bite and enjoy the sun. In fact people were enjoying it that much. It is a small place, but they had tables all over the streets. Sun, food and drinks, that is how life should be! And a plus point, they had Wifi. The place only takes cash, so don’t ever go cashless here and miss out on the great food. Hope you guys enjoyed this. If you are ever here, let me know, if you are a creperie, this is it! Next I will share my amazing time in Brussels in the next post.

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