This will be a super short and concise post actually. If you had known me personally or have met me on my travels before, you will know that I really like visiting markets, be it supermarkets or the local ones that the people goes to for their everyday needs, I love it! Even during my free time when I am waiting for a friend or just walking about on my own, I love to walk around the supermarkets in Singapore too! I kinda avoid the local markets in Singapore as they are really smelly and dirty. The ones overseas are different, especially in Europe as well as Japan. It just look so clean and gourmet. The thing that I really like about this is the ability to see different stuffs, the new and the ones that you have never seen before. Even the vegetables, the tomatoes or the carrot are different that the ones you have at home. Here the carrots comes with the greens, the broccoli and cauliflower comes with the leaf. Tomatoes alone will keep you busy for a while. It is really an eye opener for me as well! See all the stuffs that I do not have back in Singapore. This time I would like to share on my visit to the Zuidmarkt in Brussels. According to some googling, it came up to my “to go” list when I saw that it is actually the largest market in the whole of Belgium.

The market is really impressive. You can find all sorts of things, from clothes, daily necessity to flowers and food. It is massive and huge. It is actually only held on a Sunday and suddenly you will see that the whole empty place is full of stands and stalls. Although it is said to be outside of town, the location is pretty central. It is roughly a 15mins walk from Grand Place. Zuidmarkt as the name is it. It is located next to the Zuid Station, which is the southern train station in Brussels. Normally an empty ground around the tracks, it is now full of shops. It is open from early till around 1 – 2pm. I was there at around 11am. It was said that if you come when the stalls are about to close, you can really get some hefty discount. I really had a pretty nice time, it is nice to see mostly the locals coming as well. Although there were a few tourists like me!

With me in hand, my host had a great time since I was here caddy for the day! Food is the definitely the first thing on my mind since I am not here to shop. Pictures, experience and food. That is my motive for the market. I got some pastries from a food truck and it definitely started my day. This got to be the most stylish caddy right?

We simply walk around the whole market, getting some fresh foods, daily necessity and some fruits. There are many stalls around, selling the same things in the same area, you got to compare and see which is better. The crowd is one clear indication though! Here are some pictures of the market. Check out all the fruits and vegs!

With the smell that tempted us and direct us. We found out this amazing food truck selling all sorts of roasted delight, from whole chicken to ribs and sausages. Naturally it is also the most crowded place in the market. I guess, be it Singaporeans, Asians or Europeans, we all have something in common, food. We happily got our fair share and end of this visit to the Zuidmarkt.

Next up, I will be sharing on my visit to the super recommended crepe place in town! Stay tuned.

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