Can be said as the very first city of my stay since Cologne was just something that I had pass by. Brussels turns out to be a city that I love a lot and I never regret my decision to spend 7 long days there, I had the best company and the most chill time that I had over there! Chloe, Mussels, Beer, Fries that is mostly how my 6 days were spent in Brussels. After all there are more than enough beer for every hour of your life you are there. Come to think of it. I really like this beer that is triple the normal alcohol content. Sidewise. Let me share a little on the places that I went in Brussels. Some of them was places that I wanted to go myself and also the places that my host recommended me.

I didn’t really do much on the first day since the sun sets pretty fast nowsdays. after washing up back at my host place, we went out for dinner and check out the Grand Place. It is really kind of magical at night and really nice, with all the lights and stuff. If you do not know, the buildings there uses a lot of gold surface and stuff, when the lights are on and it reflects it. It is a sight that you can’t miss. We got sort of pestered and after some hard sell aggressive promotion by the waiter, we gave in and went to this restaurant called Brussels Gardens and got the set dinner for about 20 Euros. Prices definitely when eating out in Brussels.

As Chloe had work in the morning, I will head out on my own and then meet up with her back in the afternoon. Today was the first sightseeing day that I had. I went on a little sightseeing tour of mine and I really walk a lot today. After all it is Seeing The World In Steps right! With a croissant in hand from a local bakery, exploring it is! Sometimes getting lost and just walking around is the best plan as it really takes you to places that you will never though you will be able to find. I accidentally find myself walking through a flea market which apparently turn out to be pretty famous selling second hand stuff while on my way to the Justice Palace, which was my first attraction of the day. This is actually the court in Brussels and the place is located pretty high up a hill, thankfully there is a lift that takes you up. The view from this place is magical!

Seemingly one of the other night, when I was out with my host and a friend of hers, we came back to this place with some beers and just chill, looking at the best night view in town. Beer it has to be! It is simply the best way to do it!

Some of the other places that I went to and you definitely got to visit were the Royal Palace, which had awesome views of the city and also a gardens nearby it. It is really nice and the most chill thing to do. There were street performers and music, greens, it is a perfect place to take many many pictures. The St Michael cathedral is also worth of a visit and admire the style of the building.

Of course, when in Brussels, you got to know that it is famous for this few things, Chocolates, Beer, Mussels and the “Pissing Attractions” you have to visit the three attraction in town, the pissing boy, girl and dog. Yes the legendary 黄狗撒尿 can be found right in town. They are just located nearby each other, while the most famous one is the Manneken Pis which is the pissing boy, Jeanneke Pis and the Dog are pretty okay. Don’t ask me why peeing, cause I do not know as well even after asking the locals as well.

Another part of the city you can find the European Union buildings and parliament, if you do not know, Brussels is like the headquarters of the EU, which explains why a healthy population of people are able to speak very good English. You can visit the it and there is this place called Parlamentarium, which is like a visitor centre and a museum of the EU. On certain timing and being a guided tour you can also visit the actual parliament of the EU. All of this are free. It is pretty interesting and I definitely took the opportunities to visit the Parlamentarium.

Another place that I visited was this huge church a little bit west of the city. It is known as the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. Oooo man. It was a tough walk. This is actually one of the largest 5 church in the world and it is really impressive.

Last but not least for attractions, you got to go to the area of the stock exchange, this is like the beating heart of the city, it is a place where are the crowd are, you can find numerous restaurants, bars shops are around the area. The locals will usually sit on the steps there and just chill. The area in front of it is also like a stage, very often there would be performance and stuff. Come here for the vibes and free concert!

Now time for the food and shopping. You can find the main few types of shops in Brussels and also with many stands selling fries and all sorts of stuff. Brussels isn’t a city that is famed for breakfast, so it is pretty quiet in the morning. If you want some asian food. the best place is around St Catherine. One of the nicest shopping mall in the world is the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert. It is really gorgeous. Really fancy as well. While things will cost a bomb here. It is the place to visit when you want some chocolates. You can find all the famous brands here. It is really awesome.

Have a beer, some fries and just chill in town. It is really a nice place. Besides this post check out my other ones on the seafood place and also another main attraction, the Atomium. Let me know what you guys think of Brussels!


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