Hey peeps, I am here today to share on one of the best meals that I had this trip of mine. I was with my host, Chloe and she brought me to this seafood stall near the area of Saint Catherine. It is really one of the best meal that I had in Brussels. Of course I had to thank her for bringing me here, it is kind of one of the little hidden spot. Definitely, I had not seen it online anywhere while researching my places to go to in Brussels. Which is why I have decided to share it with you peeps. It is one of the place that you definitely have to go to for seafood in Brussels. If you think that Brussels is only all about mussels for seafood, Nordzee is the place that you have to come!

It is a short walk from the very city centre and by this I mean the Grand Place, which I mean, if you are ever in Brussels, it is something that you definitely can’t miss! It is roughly about a 7 to 10 mins walk, depending on your pace. Once you are in the vicinity you will definitely see its bright blue sign with a huge fish logo. The next thing that would greet you would be the aromatic scent of seafood being cooked. Then you will see all the hungry customer with their huge mouth over several standing tables.

It is kind of a semi open kitchen concept, it is actually a seafood stall where you can get all the fishes and other product fresh, but they also got a few chef working out those seafood right from the stall. The smell of all the panfried fish and shrimp. It would be a lie if I don’t tell you all that I am salivating right this moment. I really miss the time I had with Chloe, food, wine and the best accompany in the world. You guys just got to settle for the food! The menu changes day to day and it is all written on the counter blackboard, you can approach them for recommendation and they will definitely suggest something. If you are a oyster person, this place have a stall dedicated to it! The offering really changes daily, you can look over the counter to see what they have. According to my friend, the croquette is really good as well!

Here are the dishes that we had. A little to note, the prices are a little pricy, but definitely still affordable. With the nice weather, the food, this is life! We first had some grilled fish. I definitely do not know what kind of fish it is, cause it is recommended by the person. It is a kind of white fish though! It is really grilled to perfection, it had like a crispy crust and it was so well seasoned. But the main thing is, the fish isn’t overcook. This is very important as it had to be flaky and just right. The timing is everything. Done simply with just some salt and pepper and also a splash of white wine to sizzle everything! This dish cost 8 Euros. It came with a side salad that I really like as well. The creamy dressing and vegs really goes along well with the fish! Oh yea, the dish then came with a sprinkle of herbs that really elevate the texture, with a squeeze of lemon. Oh man! Somehow we got the last portion of the fish as I saw the person wiping it off the board right after we order!

We also had a snail soup! Or escargot! This is actually my first time having it! Erm, the feeling is not as weird as I though of it to be! It tasted like some shell fish! It is kind of little fishy. I won’t say that I have a preference for it but it is a nice try for me! The soup though was pretty nice. I like the pepper flavour! In the cold weather, having a bowl of piping hot soup was really comforting! The soup came with bread and it was cook with celery. The soup cost 4 Euros!

The last dish that I had, was another star and also the one that I craved the most till now. It is grilled shrimp. Just grilled shrimp. It sound so simple but it is really so so good. This dish cost 8 Euros also. As I said the prices is on the higher side but the quality is really there. The fish and prawns that I had, it was just so fresh. Similarly, the prawn was just pan fried on both sides with wine, salt and pepper. Then herbs was sprinkled. It was just perfect. Sometimes with the freshest ingredients, you don’t need much effort to cook it! It came with the salad as well.

We polished everything! Trust me! I was so close to taking the whole plate to lick it or even stuff it down my throat as well. This is one of the best experience that I had! Hope you guys would come here and give it a try as well! Do let me know how you all feel! For those who are interested, the address is as follow:

Noordzee – Mer du Nord
Rue Sainte-Catherine 45, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

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