On the weekend, where I was based in Brussels, I took a day trip to Ghent. I was really glad to cover another city of mine. Step by step, what was even better was the company that I had! My host very delightfully join me on this day trip! It was really so fun. No matter how great the experience might be to travel alone and be independent. It is always nice to have a company, a partner and definitely a photographer to travel together. Before I come and share my thoughts on Ghent, which I will cover in the next post of mine which I promise that it will come very very soon! Today I would like to share on the meal that we had in Ghent. After about an hour of train ride here we are in Ghent! The first impression was it being so different from Brussels. It look the similar but you can definitely feel that the vibes are different. To cut things short, we took a tram into the city centre and after a hour or so of walking around, photos and trying to find out the local market. Somehow we realise that the market wasn’t open on the day that we were there. Feeling the hunger in us, especially Chloe who can really eat a lot. We finally settle at this restaurant called Brasserie De Jacob! It is located in one of the squares, anywhere Ghent is pretty walkable.

Given the Singaporean cells in us. We choose this because it was really packed and crowded. Prior to coming we didn’t do any research though. It was a right decision which I will share with you very soon! With the perfect weather today and the sun shinning right in the sky. We choose to sit outside. It is perfect. This is my kind of thing. Where the weather is cool enough, but not that freezing cold as you have the sun on you! Definitely, we started out with some drinks. An Aperol Spritz for me and a Sangaria for Chloe!

We both ordered a main each and thank goodness we both stop at it. The portion was huge. It was super funny that we know we are in for it when the dishes were served. We both had that look on our face and Chloe was like, we can do it! I had the Classic Mussels with White Wine which came with fries like how it is in Belgium. The pot was legit bigger than my face. The aroma was fantastic. While I am not really a fan of shell fish, Abalone and Mussels are definitely my favourite. Piece by piece I started to work on my pot of mussels. Yes pot is the way to describe the size.

The dish was done simply, with just mussels, wine, and celery and garlic into the pot. The broth was simply divine, Both of us are just drinking it like soup, mouth after mouth. The fries simply serves as a soaking mechanism for the broth. Another good way was it being served in the pot. It somehow keep the mussels and broth warm for longer period. After all the mussels are best consumed while hot. Working my way thru it, I am sure that there were more than 50 to 60 mussels in the pot. But for the price I will say that the portion is definitely worth it.

In the meanwhile, Chloe had the house speciality which was the ribs. The portion was the whole baby back ribs, and yes I mean the whole strip. The Ribs was came with a salad and baked potato. Let me just share a little on how amaze we are by the ribs. The ribs had sort of a black sauce, yes it is their specialty. It isn’t those common BBQ sauce that was so sweet and tangy. I really like the sauce and the flavour of the ribs. I actually think that it is better than the Mussels. The meat was basically dropping off the bones. Sticky I would say. Really delightful. While we didn’t finish the mussels. The ribs were definitely polished off.

Something really funny happen while we eating, a couple next to us check us out, seemingly finding how two Asian small fry like us could finish everything. The then proceed to order the mussels as well. And they share it among the two of them. We were like, nah they sucks! After that while I was heading to the washroom, I saw a table of 3 sharing the same pot of mussels. After telling Chloe about it, she saw it too and after that we are just amaze at what we ordered with our tummy sticking out. This place is really nice for a meal, prices are fair but I won’t say that it is cheap. You can actually share among yourself since the portion are really huge!

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