123 Collins Street! Right in the heart of the city where the vibes are working it’s very best. Located between the quintessential Flinders Street Station and Bourke Street, with the St Paul right near it’s backyard. The location was pretty ideal. Grand Hyatt Melbourne was my home for the next 6 days. Just a little recap, previous I chanced upon one of the deals for the winter season and the rates were going for 213 AUD per night. Given that I recently status matched up to Hyatt Passport Platinum and with the Hyatt Summer Promotion I earn a total of close to 10k points. Furthermore with the Citi Prestige 4th night free, the rate was brought down to 177 AUD. For a 5 star hotel right in town, with the tram stop right in front. Things can’t be better.


The cab ride to Hyatt was normal, as predicted and researched, the ride cost 60AUD. The car was comfortable and large, fitting all our luggage. Traffic was normal and it took about 25 mins, while taking in the vastness countryside, we also had a nice chat with the driver comparing driving knowledge and also the price differential! Always a good topic to start chatting with the locals. Service was definitely up there, upon reaching, the bellboy automatically help us with our bags and refuse us to even lift a finger. Definitely well trained. The hotel was actually located on a slope, with the lobby a level up from the driveway. Both the lobby and the driveway had directly access to the streets and were linked with escalator and lifts. We arrive slightly after 9 and the reception were quiet. Given that there was a priority queue for Hyatt Platinum and Diamond, we were almost attend to immediately. The lobby was large, quaint and plenty of siting was available. A suite upgrade was unavailable given that there were fully booked, but they did upgrade us to a large corner room.


Located on the 17th floor the room seems fresh and really huge, right upon entering the room, the toilet was located right on the right and after walking pass the wardrobe lies the lush king size bed and right across the bed was a counter with a TV screen on the wall. The TV was angled in a way that you could view it from the whole room including on the bed and also the sofa. The counter below the TV contain a fridge and also the minibar. Although I am surprise by the lack of an coffee machine. Given that a nespresso machine are so common now, I am really disappointed that the room didn’t have one. For a Hyatt and also a city so famed for it’s coffee, this simply can’t do.


Right on the left hand side of the room, a L shape sofa was placed along with a decent size coffee table and also a comfortable movable leather couch. Simply impressive of the size of the room. Along the sofa was the large windows that boost sweeping views of the city. The views are really impressive. Siting on the sofa with a glass of wine and staring at the city could just become my next new hobby.


The toilet was huge too featuring a tub and also a walk in shower. Decked out in marble, above the sink was a large mirror with a circle feature itself that makes it look more classy. Most of the amenities were provided, with a cosmetic mirror, bath robe and also hair blower.


The soaps and product are of June Jacobs brand and were certainly usable. The water pressure was also excellent and hot water was extremely sensitive. Personally to me water pressure and hot water are the most important aspect of the toilet. I simply hate it if the water is small, besides taking so much more time, it feels that the hotel is scrimping on water usage. Within mins of entering the room, our baggage were sent up and extra pillows were also provided. I am extremely pleased with the room itself besides finding that the bed was actually a little too soft for my liking. My preference are actually harder beds as it gives the back better support.


Given the service, there was once, it was raining heavily and I am heading out for dinner, the hotel provided large umbrellas for their guest which was definitely helpful. The quality, size and the impeccable location, the tram stop is right out. I would certainly return back to this hotel anytime soon. Have you guys stayed here before? Share your thoughts with me! Next I would be sharing on one of the best crepe hangout in town.

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