Previously I have once said that Melbourne is really such a cosmopolitan with many varied groups of ethnic people besides the locals! Of course beside the people, another way to tell is definitely by the cuisine that you find on the streets. It isn’t like pasta after pasta that you see in Italy, but Chinese, Indian, Thai even for Western, you can differentiate it between French, Italian……etc. Cafe hopping is the thing to do in Melbourne, given the amount of unique and hidden cafes in this city, it is up to you to chance upon them and explore.  La Petite Creperie is one of the foodie place that I am to visit and try them out, they sell French crepe, with many unique creations, they are highly raved after. There is two location in town. One of them is just a stall selling their favourites on the corner of Swanston Street and Little Collins Street while the other is a fully sit down cafe on Hardware Lane, one of the hippest foodie place.


After a short rest in the hotel after the overnight flight, I was famished and decided to visit the full fledged cafe since I wanna try out more options and technically, it’s my first brunch in Melbourne. Gotta do it all out! Roughly around 15 mins from my hotel, with a combination of the trams and some walking, it is a breeze, given the cool weather. It was pretty packed when I arrived, thankfully, I had the last table, siting on the streets enjoying the breeze while doing some people watching is the best thing when in cold countries. There were some locals, Westerners and also a table of Asians nearby, seemingly to be Singaporean too! Again, how cosmopolitan this is. I feel like this is something like Dubai!

The waitress immediately serve us some water and handed us the menus. I love how cafes here choose to serve water in wine bottles. Look cool, recycle the bottle and we could also helped ourselves if we need more water. How I wish more places could do this. The street that the cafe was located on was quaint and had it’s own vibes, the cafe was bustling yet had a homely feeling. I could just read a book here the whole day with a cuppa of coffee. After my research, I knew that I had to order the La Chococo, one of the sweet crepes. Upon the recommendation of the waitress, we decided to order the Le Croque Monsieur and also the La Triskel, which came highly sought after. Of course, I have to try the renowned coffee in Melbourne, since they always say how great there are. We had a Latte and also a Iced Mocha. Next I would cover the dishes in detail.


First the drinks, latte came out strong robust yet smooth together with the nice foam art on it. There is nothing much to complain. The blend is great, after all, this is a city that is famed for it’s coffee. Something worth mentioning would be the art, even after some time, the art still remain. Prefect cuppa to start the day. Most of the hot coffee such as flat white, latte, cappuccino came at a price of  3.5AUD.


Perhaps something more special would be the iced mocha, given that it is a little late in the morning. I decided to go for a cold coffee, perfect match with the chilling weather. At a cost of 7AUD, it was close to double the price. But it is definitely not an simple cup of iced mocha. First they serve a tall glass with vanilla ice cream, chocolate chips and ice in it and then it was heavily drizzled with chocolate. Following on, they bring out the espresso in a small metal cup which you then pour in to the glass. What lies in wait is a thick robust chocolate drink. What’s awesome is the creaminess that comes from the melting ice cream.


The La Triskel came recommended from the waitress and it is undoubtedly the best dish we had here. Hands Down. At a price of 12.50AUD you get a huge crepe that is fold on the sides like a open faced pie. Imagine this, crackling eggy crispy crepe on the outside and fluffy on the middle. Inside it is loads of emmental cheese and mushroom, together with your choice of topping from Spinach, Tomato and form me it was Ham. Certainly flavourful. Last but not least a sunny side egg was right in the middle with the yolk being the best dipping sauce for the crepe. Yummy!


We also get the Le Croque Monsieur, another great choice if you are feeling savoury. What’s worth mentioning here is a thick toast that is heavily stuffed with bechamel sauce and ham, the highlight of the dish however, is the slightly charred cheese crust on the top. But for those people who don’t really take milk or dairy product, I will definitely not recommend this. It is also a hint on the heavy side. For 10AUD, you leave here satisfied with this dish.


La Chococo, one of the sweet crepes, was my go to order after reading so much about it. It is actually one of the favourites. Coming at 9.50AUD, it is sightly more pricey than the savoury one. But this is a chocolate crepe, made with a chocolate batter. Something good is the light crepe and it is also more on the crispy side. Presented on the plate was a crepe, lushes with sliced bananas, drizzled with chocolate sauce and lastly, coconut shavings on it. The coconut really goes well with the crispy crepe and the texture is amazing. However the dish still came a little over the hype for me.

A great cafe to visit, however, if a sit down cafe doesn’t fit your schedule, La Petite also has a stall on the road side selling some of the most popular crepe to eat on the go. Do you guys like crepes? Check them out and let me know how you all think of it!

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