Given the agony of missing out on the lounge to visit, seeing that I have close to another hour prior to boarding, I went in search of the Plaza Premium Lounge. It was located close to the gates in the C side of the terminal, directly above the transfer counters and right opposite the Emirates Lounge on Level 3. Two lounge prior to boarding? No sweat for a travel blogger right? Since my Priority Pass Membership provides unlimited access, no harm trying out another lounge right? Furthermore I have heard so much about this lounge, given that it the newest one in town.


My very first thought was quiet, in comparison, the lounge was really quiet and chill, probably due to the fact of the late hours and the dinner crowd are over. Definitely, the lounge look new and fresh, with nice ambience lightning. I shall do something different for this review, I will do a slight intro of each aspect of this lounge then compare them to the previous lounge that I was in, the SATS Premier Lounge. There was only one person ahead of me in the queue and after swiping my card, I was in.


Upon entry, it just look fresh and new to me. The lounge is bright and airy but now with yellow light for better chillness and making it a greater place for relaxing. The usage of warm light and wooden finishing makes the place much more comfortable and relaxing, exemplifying the grandeur, showing the refined place that they have. To say, this place is definitely better or comparable to some business class lounge of certain airlines. It certainly doesn’t feels like a contract lounge. In comparison to the previous lounge, this place feels more relax and the vibes are better, the usage of ceiling to floor glass also provides natural light and I believe it’s gonna be some awesome views of planes in the day



Even before I truly had the chance to fully explore the lounge, the first seats that i chance on had already hook me on, it just made me feel so welcomed. To me, when compared to the previous lounge, the seating and arrangement of the Plaza Premium Lounge seems to be the marking point here, the seats are all so luring and unique. Besides the norm, comforting single couches each arrange nicely, with some facing the glass, each couches has a lamp and power point between them. Aren’t lacking of any energy ah! Along the main buffet area and food service which I would touch on later, there are the full dining tables and seats along with bar tables. What really set things apart are these cove like seats for groups and also individual, with the individual ones emphasising of individual space and privacy. While the larger cove like seats comes with comfortable sofas and plush pillows. They were absolutely gorgeous. I would just let the pictures to the rest of the explanation.



Even though the SATS Premier Lounge really impress me with their offering of a live station and also both asian and western offering, it is definitely mind blowing here! Refined and sophisticated is the word that I would use here, besides the usual offering of a couple hot dishes, the dinner was steamed fish and fried rice, which were excellent by the way, there was also a great cold bar with salads and soba. The counter also host a Kueh Pie Tee counter, however it’s disappointing given that they are soggy. Wait for the real highlight, just wait for it. This lounge actually provide a ALL DAY DINING MENU, cook to your order over the counter! Can you just believe that this is a Priority Pass Lounge? It’s certainly way better than some airline lounge even, such as the awful Changsha Lounge. The All Day Menu starts from 11am till 11pm and it consist of 4 different choices, from Laksa, Chicken Rice to All Day Breakfast and Hot Udon with Temaki Set. I tried both the Udon and the Chicken Rice. Although nothing outstanding, but isn’t it great to be able to order them. The udon came piping hot and the handroll were just delicious. My mum seems to like the chicken rice, totally compatible to the ones we get outside, the chili also seems authentic and spicy.



Now, one bad thing about this lounge is that they don’t provide alcohol! Despite having a cool and gorgeous bar, the drinks and alcohol are chargeable with prices starting from 10 for a house wine to 14 for cocktails. On the buffet side, juices soft drinks and water are provided. There are also teas and quite a mean coffee machine. For travellers who prefer to chill over a glass while waiting for their flight, the SATS Premier Lounge will make more sense. Such a shame that Plaza Premium do not choose to provide alcohol drinks, given that their lounge is such a comfortable place to stay at!


To conclude, besides the above, some of the features are special, definitely more comprehensive. There is a day room and this lounge probably also provide message services, however I have not heard anything about it while it the lounge. There was an area that have nice dark brown arm chairs in dark lighting and also a towel on the leg rest. I also did not have a chance to view the day room since they are all locked up.


Both lounge are good. Plaza Premium by right should be the clear cut winner till the alcohol part! To recommend, I would say both lounge are great and you should choose base on the gate that your flight are departing from and whether you guys love to have a drink. Stay tuned for the next installation and do give me your thoughts on the Plaza Premium Lounge.

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