10 Hours and 50 Minutes

FL350, 35’000 Feet in the Skies

Seat Size 30 Inch, 1-2-1, 12D

SQ391, Departing 1.50pm Arriving 5.00am

The final post in my EPIC EUROPEAN TOUR LAST YEAR! BY THE WAY THIS IS A GREAT GRADUATION TRIP! Part No. 47/47, I do hope that the readers that were there for the past will be here to read the last part in this series 🙂 Surely, I have taken my time to pen down my thoughts and reviews, busy with work and sometimes procrastinating some of the times too. Before I get right in the review, I shall make it a note first to say that I am really glad to see the progress of my blog, from telling my friends Jerome and Yillis that I will start writing till today, It’s been slow but the passion and fire in my for Seeing The World In Steps is still going strong! It will definitely be one of my dream to keep this “Singapore Travel Blog” going on! Since I have done several SQ Business Class review in the past, I shall try out something different and write in a different way, with some inputs from my friends on my writing style too! Hope you guys like it.


12.30 pm, Istanbul time. We left the great Turkish Airlines Business Class Lounge after filling our stomach with the scrumptious lunch catered by DO & CO and resting while escaping from the noisy and packed transit area. With the thoughts of getting some last min souvenirs from the duty free shops we left slightly than usually. After some Turkish delights and Chocolates, I am ready to head to this Iron bird and see the “Welcome to Singapore” sign in Changi Airport. 20 days, 480 hrs, 28800 mins, that’s how long I have been away from Singapore at this point in time, even for an Avgeek and Traveller that’s a hell lot of time to be away!



The gate was actually a pretty hefty walk from the main terminal, heading pass the emirates and sky team lounge in the progress, we even had to get to a level lower from an escalator. At this moment I realised that we are actually departing from a stand instead, the same as how we arrive. Probably practical, given the amount of flights they have from their home carrier and SQ having a low presence in this city. I arrive shortly after 1pm, where the “gate” area was packed with passengers, the place was crowded and noisy, passengers seems to be lining up for the bus. A particular ground of passengers caught my attention, they seems to be students on a school trip which will be connecting in Singapore to Australia. I realise that boarding has actually started for premium passenger when a ground staff saw my boarding pass and waive me thru, mentioning that I do not have to queue for the bus, I was thru to the bus in no time. I was pretty shocked that the bus didn’t leave once all the Biz Class passenger were on board, something for SQ and the Ground Crew to reflect on! Usually there would be a dedicated bus for the premium passengers, just like how it was on my way here where the steward block off the bus for us. Instead, we were being packed for the long drive to the Plane, with much carry on, that isn’t comfortable!


Then next, the stairs, there are the perks and cons of having a stand rather a gate. The feeling of standing on the tarmac verses the convenience. But this time, you gotta queue for it, which is kind of really bad! Thankfully, the seats and more importantly the hospitality of Singapore Girls makes up for everything! HAHA texting one of my stewardess friend while writing this at the moment. If you are reading this, HOPE TO FLY WITH YOU ONE DAY PANDA! I was ushered to my seat and soon a welcome beverage was offered, along with a offering of magazines and newspaper. Champagne obviously and this time working on my side was a Leading Stewardess this time around. The service seems better when you are in the top class of the place.

Meal Service




It begin approx about an hour into the flight, previously beverage choice were taken before take off and I decide to go with an iconic drink of SQ, Silver Kris Sling. Above is some pictures of the menu. I continue with that throughout the meal service before switching to a Riesling, which is my favourite white wine to go! Super refreshing and crisp. Since this is a Lunch service the full package was given, starting with the Satay! Well marinated and savoury, just lacking a little on the peanut sauce, feels like is right off a hawker stall. Oh Man, you don’t know how good local delicacies feel after being away for 3 weeks.


Then I was served a roast chicken and salmon tartare appetizer, the dish was pretty ordinary but surprising I did love the salmon. Then for my main course, I choose the roast grouper from the menu. It is worth noting that book the cook option isn’t available for flights departing out of Istanbul. Instead of other options such as the Beef Tenderloin, Braised Chicken and Turkish Style Lamb Shank, I have the feel to go for something lighter, seemingly after days of eating and feasting, fish seems the way to go. However, the dish was ordinary only, the sauce was to thick and sweet, overly taken the freshness of the fish, damn I missing my Lobster Thermidor.


All washed down with a couple refreshing glasses of White Wine, then the finale, I choose to go for a Pear Frangipane with Passionfruit Coulis. A hot coffee with baileys was then requested from me and the stewardess obligated. The shot was a little over kick, but definitely suites the great ending to the meal service.


Entertainment / Seat

Let me first highlight something that I always felt when I am travelling on a plane, on a premium cabin flight, time will always pass by so fast and you will feel sleep so easily. While on the other hand, in economy or even budget, even one or 2 hours felt double of it. Ironic right? You will rather sleep but can’t seems to fall asleep. This was definitely the case of it, shortly after the meal service and perhaps the uncontrolled drinking, a requested for my bed to be made while I headed to the Toilet, Li Ting prominently attend to it and in no time my bed was made with the iconic fold on your blanket when I came back. Being one of the largest seat in the industry, the bed was no different. For lounging, I will definitely recommend you guys to do it in the bed mode, with a couple of pillows, there’s no better way to do it! Snuggling under the Givenchy blanket, glass of wine, eyes tracked on the large tv screen while slowly falling into the deep slumber! It is worth noting that the KrisWorld Entertainment system is one of the best, with numerous latest movies and television program, for the kids, there are also games too. Just simply speaking about the movies, you could find a variety, from the latest Hollywood release to Chinese and Japanese ones too! If you still find yourself being too far away from home, there will usually be some local shows too! Definitely, without even a thought, I fell asleep and gotten a couple hours of uninterrupted rest.


5 Hours out of Singapore, I was awake and went to the toilet, as usually the service standards and perhaps Li Ting was being too much of a dear, I always wonder how did they managed to know that we are away from out seats??? As Always, when we return, our blankets will be folded nicely again! My throat was awfully dry and keen for something, I requested for a Paris-Singapore Tea which smells awesome, SQ serves TWG Tea on board and the selection are pretty wide. Feeling a little empty and to take one for the team, I gotta try the Lights Bite Menu right? which was available to customers throughout the flight in case they prefer something extra. I got the Seafood Noodles with Prawns and garnishes, it was a great choice as having something piping hot and soupy at 35,000 feet in the air is finally checked off my bucket list. This menus is actually pretty popular as the business travellers whom choose to sleep and skip the meal actually order from this menus. I also ask for a glass of coke with many many lime in them, super refreshing. While eating, I also managed to watch a movie “The Imitation Game” which talks about the Turing Machine and Alan Turing, A really nice movie to watch and pretty exciting.

Breakfast / Landing


After continuing “Nuaing” on the comfy bed, roughly about 90mins out of Singapore, Breakfast was served, even though it was about 3am in Singapore Time, I originally wanted the braised noodles but was informed that they had run out of it, instead I opt for the waffles. Always wanting to go the light and Asian route this time around since I have really been away from home for so long. With a glass of freshly squeeze orange juice and a Brazilian Coffee I am all ready to go. The waffles however was disappointing, totally tasteless and rubbery, I only had a few mouthful before letting it go. A steward saw that while collecting the plate and appears worried and suggested offering me the braised noodles instead! I was glad that the crew pay attention to the customers behaviours and try to apprehend what’s going on, but I am really dissatisfied and upset that their crews are actually not consistent and provides different answer to the passenger! Does this show that the first crew was lying or ? Definitely not something you should do in Business Class. Although I believe that this is an one off situation and I appreciating that steward fro trying to offer me another meal.

With this we soon made our approach into Singapore and had a smooth landing. I had an airport transfer awaiting for me and we bump into the crew at the arrival pick up. They made it a point to say goodbye to us and remembers our name which I think is something commendable. It shows that their service hadn’t even ended even after we disembark.

Lastly, I would like to thank all my loyal readers for staying on this lengthy trips of mine. Coming up I will be doing an interview on a friend of mine and I will be heading to Melbourne in June, so Stay Tuned!

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