Turkish Airlines, known as the best airline in Europe has won multiple awards in the area. Despite being a SQ Fan boy, I am definitely amaze at the amount of location it serve, over more than 280 destination, know you know how crowded Ataturk International Airport it can be. Turkish Airlines Business Class are also award wining, although I have yet to try them, SQ still win it in my heart. However I am keen to try out the Best Business Class Lounge in the World.


Turkish Airlines Business Class Lounge in Istanbul has many features to make it known as the best in the world. For a start, the food is catered by DO&CO, which is AMAZING. First let me note down all the features before I start on the review itself. It has luggage storage! For a lounge freak who loves to roam around, take food and try out the different seats and stuff, this is perfect, especially when it is a huge lounge, although you rarely use it when travelling with accompany. If you have more time to kill, there is not only wifi, but a gold game and also a mini cinema, yes of course popcorn is offered. Yes there is also a pool table with nice decoration too. The lounge is decorated using dome as a theme. Definitely the food amaze me the most and I will share it soon in detail.


With Istanbul being not much fun for me, I call up the airport transfer and decided to go to the airport earlier, arrived at 9 plus for my flight at 1.25pm. Ataturk airport is a little old, and the crowd was incredible which makes it surprising since it was quiet, perhaps due to the early hours. I am glad to have past the general security check for all guests entering the airport in 5 mins. Due to the volatile situation and location, I am glad that the Airport has this screening. Being the forgetful me, totally forgotten about the check in counter timing at the airport, being only having one flight per day, the counter only open at specific timing. Hoping that since both SQ and Turkish are of the same alliance, I hope to be able to check in at their counter, but was rejected. On a bright side, I get to explore this airport and was at the counter soon enough. The staff was setting up the counter and the station manager acknowledge my presence and inform me that they are booting up the system and it will be done soon. Definitely nice to see a fellow Singaporean after 20 plus days abroad. Being the first, duh, I was thru in no time and proceed on into the restricted area. Being a Business Class passenger you are provided fast track cards, although in this case, traffic is light in the early hours but I could imagine the amount of value you could get when it get crazy here!


It was a breeze and off I am to the Turkish Business Class Lounge, the flagship lounge of the airline. The entrance was pretty special too, with tall glass covered with curtains its pretty interesting, inside it, everything changes! You will first be amazed by the amount of space, definitely huge, the lounge actually involves 2 levels and the entrance is on the second level. Once you enter, to your right is a desk housed by 2 to 3 staff where they provide services mainly such as entrance and also some ticketing help. To be honest the lounge size is definitely suitable, with Turkish Airlines Business class passengers and also star alliance members, premium flyers. It is also utilise a gate entrance which uses the boarding pass bar code to enter, staff will be there to help to. I guess this is to support the amount of passenger and also to prevent ineligible passenger to enter. If you are entering via membership card or partners airlines or boarding pass not issue from Ataturk, I guess you have to proceed to the reception. Right after you enter, there are transparent glass cabinet to lock up your hand carry.


Its 10 plus when I enter the lounge, of course some picture taking is always first on task, but wifi connection straight away, a coupon with the code are usually found on the tables or from one of the staff roaming around the lounge. I was first at the upper level, grabbing a drink and a omelette while waiting for the setting to change to Lunch. I am definitely famished, specifically skip breakfast since I have heard so much good reviews about this place. The upper level have more natural light and feels more open and action, there is no specific dining place in the lounge since numerous counter and drinks are located throughout the lounge, soft drinks, juice, water, alcohol everything is widely available. it is worth mentioning that catering is done by DO&CO, superb quality food can be found here. There is also a tea bar on both levels with numerous premium selection and coffee too. The cakes also shine to my eyes. Although food can be found on both levels the main show is found on the lover level.


LIVE STATION! This place is simply like a mini hotel buffet, even better cause everything is free! For breakfast there are made to order omelettes, while for lunch it is even a step higher. First up there is a live grill, chicken, beef, vegs, you name it! Then there is also a pasta station with a special introduction of the daily pasta special. You could also try the local favourities, come on, you are in Turkey after all! There is the yogurt drink which I
have forgotten the name of it then there is also freshly baked Turkish Bagel, known as Simit. Then another live station going on is a chef making fresh Lahmacum with a wood fired oven.


For activities, as mention you could play pool, catch a film or even go to the kids room if those cells of yours still remains! Or just stuff yourself full of food! I mean, you could easily spend 5-6 hours here and be totally fine. There is also a piano on the upper level, although no one was playing that day.


About 12 plus, I left the lounge to grab some souvenirs at the duty free shops before approaching the gate, it was such an enjoyable visit and I am definitely looking so forward to another Business Class flight, this time on SQ391! I love Singapore Airlines so so much. Stay tuned for that review coming up soon! I Promise! Anyway, it’s going to be the final installation for this trip too!

Seeing The World In Steps, Signing off!

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