Australia, the land where I hadn’t had a chance to see in steps before in the past will soon be a check off the list! THIS MEANS SEEING THE WORLD IN STEPS WILL TRAVEL TO A NEW CONTINENT, NEW COUNTRY AND NEW CITY! All these with Melbourne 🙂 Sorry for the hiatus that I have been taking over the past month. Since finishing up writing about my Europe Trip the previous month, I have been busy planning for my “STWIS THEME” 21st Birthday party and also with this Melbourne Trip, but here I am back with this new trip series to share with you guys. My current philosophy would be to explore new places, trying new things and I definitely check those boxes with this upcoming trip to Down Under! It would be a total new milestone for Seeing The World In Steps, my humble Singapore travel blog. With this, I declare, I HAVE BEEN TO 19 COUNTRIES NOW!!!

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Before I share on the conception of this trip, here is just a little update here on my upcoming outlook including a couple special posts:

Down Under In Mel

21st Birthday Party (My STWIS Theme Party)

Soar Into The Skies With Amanda (An Interview of my Travel Friend)

With my last flight in July last year, it’s been about time A Travel Blogger Gotta Fly right? I am born to fly and explore new boundaries, furthermore, I really need a break from all those regimentation. Sorry Singapore, I gotta get out of here for a couple days, but I will be back. With the irresistible favourable exchange rate and the yearn to visit a new destination, Australia is the place to go to, perfect for my criteria for a plus minus a week trip. While on the look out for promotions, roughly in Feb I chance upon some promotions on Emirates, with destination in Aussie going for 588!!! STWIS dilemma was deciding between Sydney or Melbourne, both cities are on my list. In the end I am super glad to make the choice to head to Melbourne first for my virgin experience in Down Under, laid back cafes, bars, great food, a hint of culture and also the urban vibes. That is exactly what I am looking for. Currently in the lounge while waiting for the flight.


As mentioned above, I will be taking Emirates, although SQ is my first choice, given the price and fame, I hope to try and review Emirates in detail this time around after quite some time ago. For the 7hr20mins trip, this is how my flights look like:

9/6/2016 EK404 Sin – Mel Departing 2240 Arriving 0750(+1) A380

16/6/2016 EK405 Mel – Sin Departing 1800 Arriving 2350 A380



For my 6 night stay in town, I was deciding between Park Hyatt and the Grand Hyatt, having read certain reviews on the Park Hyatt in town, I was keen to try them out on my own. Furthermore, recently, I took advantage of the Status Match promotion from Hyatt and got myself a Platinum membership with Hyatt, thus was keen to see how that would be worth. Hotels in Melbourne aren’t cheap, Australia accommodation are pretty pricey! With the Sydney Park Hyatt being my dream staycation soon!  After doing some research and looking at the rates on Visa Luxury Collection. I saw that the Grand Hyatt had a Autumn Promotion with the Grand King going for 213AUD. 33sqm, city view, free wifi! I was hoping to score an upgrade too! With the Citi Prestige Card, I book via the concierge and utilise the 4th night free benefit too! Citi Prestige is easily the best card ever if you stay in hotels at least a couple time in the year!

With that the total cost was brought down to 177.5 AUD, which I think is a great deal! It is worth to take note that the 4th night free will be reimburse to you after the stay from Citibank, Which means that I will get to earn credits and points for 6nights.

Prior to the flight, I will also be keen to try out the newest lounge in Changi Airport, the Plaza Premium Lounge which is only open 2nd half of last year, I will be getting access thanks to my Priority Pass Membership and also from American Express Ascend Card. Something fresh on this trip will also be a car rental, I will be sharing my thoughts on Europcar and also Volvo XC60, my car for the road trip to Yarra Valley and the Twelve Apostles!

So Stay Tuned for this upcoming trip, await some of the greatest place and food right in the heart and soul of Victoria, Australia. Have you guys been to Melbourne? Share some of your experience with me? Leave me a comment!



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