Finally the time has arrived! This is the most awaited review I have been wanting to share with you guys, the meal at Burger and Lobster is amazing and simply great. Before I have even left for London, I have already heard many good reviews on it and recommendation from friends. They are definitely right, so does Seeing The World in Steps, you could not say that you have visited London without having that delicious finger licking good lobster in front of you in a platter. And yes it does! In Burger and Lobster the food does seriously comes in a gleaming silver platter but you will be amaze as the lobster will be far more shinny that the platter to your eyes and probably induce some heavy amount of saliva. A tip to take note, a bib is provided to catch any of that saliva you have, free for usage too.

Throughout my amazing tour in Europe, this is the restaurant that has always been on my mind, I have always wanted to share this place to my readers. If you say that pasta is the exhibition for Italian cuisine, Burger and Lobster is the counterpart in London. Seriously, do not let that crowd at the restaurant turn you away, stay, put your name and number down, wait, after all, patient is necessary if you want good food. On a slight note, I went on Thursday evening and I had a close to 2 hours wait! Burger and Lobster have expanded over the years, having multiple branched across London, but the one you should visit would be in Soho, the gem of all. Being there will be just equivalent of discovering a gem in the rubbles. Seemly quiet on the outside, with the crowd blending into the atmosphere of Soho, once you enter the restaurant, it is as though you are out of this world. Bustling and busy, with lots of noise, staff are busy with taking down names, the bartenders are just churning out cocktails while the kitchen just keep serving out lobsters after lobsters, while at one corner you get to see a tank full of the live ones, waiting to be savoured. Burger and Lobster is an true example of a British restaurants, with the patrons catching up over dinner but first with drinks at the corner while waiting for their table. It is worth noting that most Burger and Lobster branches doesn’t accept reservation, especially this popular Soho branch. Deciding what you want here is simply easy, even a kid could do it, there is only 3 items on the menu, Lobster, Lobster Roll or a burger with a thick beef patty. The signature and most recommended would be the whole lobster, which you could choose to have it steamed or grilled. The price was simple too, 20 quid for each dish, that’s it. A simple and concise dining experience, it is even good when splitting up the bill later on. Definitely not affordable in the Singaporean perspective, but definitely have to try it or once at the minimum. For me, I have made it a point to return each and every time I am in town. I am even drooling while typing this right now.
Now, this!
We ordered the whole lobster, one steamed and one grilled, trying to find out our preference. The cooking was simple too, just steamed it right as it is or grill in over the flame, no seasoning is required too, with the salt water providing enough flavour to the sweat lobster flesh. I mean, how could there be something so delicious out of this world. Each of the meals were also served generously with fries, melted butter and also a side salad. I mean the meal was already good enough on its own, but with that melted butter, I can’t even describe it anymore. I have now truly understand the meaning of speechless, by the where, this is a meal where you don’t really socialise, cause you are just busy working your lobster and putting it in your mouth, dunking it in the butter somewhere along. The butter goes well with the fries too, I mean, so damn good! The salad was nice and refreshing, with lettuce, onions, giving you a punch and taking away some of the guiltiness so that you could go back for more lobster. The above shown was the grilled one, personally I am more of an heavy flavoured person, and I prefer the grilled one. The grilled one has the smokiness which I really like and I definitely love licking the shells too, the briny feeling of the seafood and the taste of the flame, that’s amazing. The meat was perfectly cooked and not sticking to the shells, with a hint of the melted butter, that’s it. Get your hands dirty and enjoy the meal.
Both the grilled and the steamed lobster are great, both have their advantages and disadvantages, the steamed option provides a more juicy and tender flesh, but lacking it flavour, although, the enhanced sweetness of the flesh makes up for it. It is more succulent and moist that the grilled one and also less salty. Thus the shells are far less delicious. If I am to choose, it is really a decision that even PhDs can’t explain, the best way is to have both. The fries were also nice, I love the fact that there were fries but thick enough for you to taste the potato, it is chunky, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, allowing you to taste the potato, unlike the usual Mac fries. These were perfect compliments with the butter.
Having a lobster here is a skill, and being a lobster serving speciality store, Burger and Lobster is unique. There are some special tools to reduce your time with the Lobsters and allows you put them in your mouth faster. As mentioned above, bibs are given out to prevent any spills or shells from any contact to your clothes, they also makes a great souvenir. I would love my baby to wear it too! Furthermore specialise tools like a long narrow metal stick is provided, allowing you to work the shells at all angles, particular useful for taking also meat out of the pincers and head. Hands on is the way here, if you are a person that doesn’t like eating with your hands, this is not the place for you. By the where, the toilet is also nice, located below the restaurant. The vibes is so great here!
 IMG_2669Coming here should be the first thing on your London itinerary, never ever miss this place. I think that everyone should go for the Lobster dishes and skip the beef, I have heard high remarks for the lobster rolls too, can’t wait to try it out soon!

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