Coming to think of it, starting this travel blog isn’t a decision that I made lightly as I want it to be something that I will continue on and on for ages and not just a spruce of my mind. I do really hope for the day to come when I am reading all these entries when I am old. Besides, it is pretty nice to share with people my views and suggestion and for those who have read my blog, I really thank you and hope you guys enjoy it. I do still have quite a bit of content to share with you guys. Some of the destination would be Macau, A Corona and also a more in-depth trip in Madrid! I do hope that I will be chronicling them soon. Now, back to Hong Kong, I would like to introduce you guys to One Dim Sum, high quality and delicious food for street prices!

Dim Sum, what could probably represent the deep culture of Hong Kong Cantonese cuisine except for this, a legacy that Is probably so much older than us. Exquisite and petit, Dim Sum are a great way to fill your stomach and probably be a time burner, practising your Cantonese at the same point too. In the past, Dim Sum were served in restaurant known as Cha Lou, Tea house as translated, it is a great representation of HongKongers lifestyle and up till today, many of them still goes to Yum Cha, having tea with a couple of Dim Sum. In the past, actually, tea was the main focus rather than these delicious snacks. Early in the morning, where the air is cool and still inside a restaurant you would find a bustling scene, Cantonese speaking people shouting across, carts filled with food being pushed around and rising steam from the tea pots and kettles. This is the way where most people start their morning, grabbing a seat and sharing a table with others, people will start sipping their tea while reading their newspaper or just chatting with their friends where the time passes, then a couple of dishes arrived, with the steam still rising from the bamboo baskets. Now although only the retired or awfully rich do this, many of the people still treat having tea on Sunday with their family as a weekly thing. Pretty similar to the Tapas culture we have in the west right? Noisy and busy right? That’s the ambience that we are looking for!
 IMG_4192Prior to departure for this short trip, I have did some of the research for Dim Sum in Hong Kong, hey, how can you go Hong Kong and not have some Dim Sum. Of course there are the famous restaurants such as the 3 star Michelin Lung King Heen or the seemingly famous one star Tim Ho Wan which has expanded overseas, I am pretty sure Singaporeans are familiar. Frankly speaking, I am not really a fan of Tim Ho Wan, after all their pork buns are pretty great but I do have other thoughts on the rest. This time I specifically pay a visit to One Dim Sum, since I was staying in Mongkok and the restaurant is nearby, there were some great reviews about this place too, serving up delicious and authentic Dim Sum long ago and has made its brand well known among the locals. Do you know that locals are the best bet for finding the best food. An gem in the neighbourhood, it is not located in any great, or nice streets, simple decoration and a small signboard with a squeeze store which is pretty common in Hong Kong. But, before all these, you will be first greeted by the crowd that is queuing outside, unbelievable? This time that I went over, the waiting time was about 30 mins, where you get your queue number and you can order on a sheet while waiting outside for your table. Once a table is available you may hand over your order, crowd were attracted by the low prices and no frills dim sum, delicious as it is and full of ingredients. An honest shop I must say. Time pass pretty quickly after some socialising with a local and some pictures taking. In the mean time here is a picture of the menu!
 IMG_4190As usual it is a must to order those traditional all time favourites such as Siew Mai, Har Gao and probably the braised chicken feet if you are a fan of it. Speaking about the crowd, it is actually an international experience, beside the Singaporeans, there are locals and also westerns too. The fame isn’t too shabby huh! I will also recommend you guys from ordering the fried radish cake and also the fried egg fritters. This is actually one of the more unique dishes, it was my first time seeing it actually, a must order dishes. The batter when fried out are drizzle generously with honey and also topped with nuts crumbles, a totally unique layer of sensation, this sweet dishes also makes a perfect ending to the meal here. Here are some of the pictures of the dishes I ordered
 IMG_4623Some of my favourites includes the Har Gao and the steamed beancurd with chicken, the Siew Mai was great too, chunky flavoured meat. Yum! Hand down totally, comparable to restaurant standards but a fraction of the price. The greatest satisfaction is flushing the food down with a strong thick brew of tea to make where for more stuff to be eaten. The congee here was also perfect, the highest standards, where the grains can’t be felt and smooth as silk, together with the century eggs, there is nothing better at the moment. Another popular dishes would be the glutinous rice which is packed with dried meat and chicken, extremely delicious with the scent of the lotus leaf. A dish that really disappoint me was the steamed rice rolls, which were too thick and flavourless, I shall stop here. However, don’t let this one dish deters you, come to MongKok and check this place out! Here is a close up of the Fried Egg Stick with Honey! It is a must order!
This is really a good place to come, kind on the wallet too but extremely satisfying on the tummy. After a few rounds of ordering, oops, it is time for me to continue my adventures in Hong Kong, “fragrant port”! Amazing? Stay tuned for my adventures!

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