This post will be something special, given that it is the first time that I will be writing an article to promote something. As a matter of fact, I am just really so shocked when I visited Jenny Bakery during this trip. Being a person whom have actually been to Hong Kong for no less than 5 times, Jenny Bakery is something new to me. I have actually never heard of it till this time around when my cousin asked me to get a tin back for her. It seems that there is a hype coming up in fact actually already overtaken the traditional stuff that people buy from Hong Kong such as Lao Po Bing.

Jenny Bakery is a newly start up in Hong Kong, selling butter cookies. It is worth noting that the prices actually aren’t cheap, but the cookies really taste delicious, buttery and flaky! It will just melts in your mouth and you can feel the butter all over your mouth. Rice and moist, that is what I will say. Following on whenever I go there, I will definitely get some back if there is not a queue. Yes, even buying cookies you have to queue, I have heard from friends and people that the queue here is crazy, I mean like serious stuff. To prevent customers from blocking the entrance and pathway, whenever there is a huge crowd, it is said that there is another separately area to queue and get a number before you are allowed to queue outside their shop. This is crazy man, if that is the case, I would never ever have buy the cookies, even Michelin restaurants or Louis Vuitton aren’t  worth me queuing under the hot sun for. Thank goodness when I arrive at the shop there was only a short line, about 5 mins.
Do not expect some fancy shops or decoration like the TWG Saloon or a Parisian tea house. The shop is actually located in some rundown building call Mirador Mansion along Nathan Road, the still front is quite nice, but inside it is just a counter with many staff and tins of cookies behind them. So you just tell them which size and mixture you want and they will get it for you, everything is pre packed to prevent the even longer waiting time. It is worth noting that only cold hard cash is accepted. The business is so good that when I was waiting for my turn I was calculating a rough estimate how much they can earn actually. No plastic bags are provided as well, well, at least not without a charge! I do find this to be crap, given that we are in Hong Kong and not Europe! It is funny to see that some of them actually came to buy with a luggage! I guess it helps, since that those teddy bears tins are pretty heavy! Yes, this cookies was also known as the teddy bear cookies, because it is always a teddy bear tin. If you look at the picture below, you will probably realised that the prices aren’t on the affordable side!
So sorry if there are any China readers here reading this, but I am just stating the truth! It is worth noting not to buy any of this cookies from the streets as those are sold by peddlers, which are significantly more expensive. The culprits? China sellers! I just have to commend their business mindset, whatever they see they are able to do business with it. And also when buying stuff, they always like to buy a lot at once, and have the mentality that they can’t buy it again. This happen in luxury shops overseas in Europe to milk powder in Hong Kong and now even butter cookies. This is also the reason why I really hate to be labelled as a tourists from China. Stay tuned for my upcoming flight review where I met Josie!

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