Aubaine Cafe Mayfair is a seemly nice quiet cafe located in a upscale neighbourhood that serve up delicious all day breakfast. A short walk away from my the hotel that I was staying at, I was truly entertained by the shops and surroundings of London, with the cold breeze there is nothing better than this. I am also in awed that the people in London can afford to dress up with those nice jackets and scarf, hey, I Singapore you will sweat like crazy first. The people here are gorgeous and definitely dressed to the dime. I had also pass     by some of the most expensive shops in London, hey there are Porsche parking on the side of the road and also a Rolls Royce Store under a office building, say about that. Aubaine Cafe has quite a number of outlets in London, besides the Mayfair one there are 9 other stores in London, including a gorgeous store in the Selfridge store you could also find them as far as Wimbledon, South West London. A full list of their store and menu could be found on their website,

The cafe was beautiful, along with nice uniforms for the staff, the store was gorgeous together with nice couple of champagne standing by the display. There is like nothing better in the world than a glass of champagne or mimosa in the morning. With a French touch, their breakfast was highly sought after despite the high prices. A meal here definitely doesn’t come on the cheap side, so sorry to hear me complaining whenever I am writing about London, perks of reading from a guy who comes from Singapore with a currency worth half of the Pounds. I have to say that despite costing a lot, the croissant is the must get item from all Aubaine Cafe. It is so damn buttery and crispy that you can eat like a dozen on its own. With a cup of perfectly brewed latte, it is better than in heaven.
DSC05547 IMG_2315
The selection isn’t a lot on the menu but definitely makes up for it from the quality and varied choice of food item. Their breakfast was also unique with different special creation. We ordered from their “set breakfast” known as formules. We ordered the Formule Full French and the avocado Formule Sante. Costing 16 and 12 pounds respectively. With an addition cup of cappuccino, sausage and also the croissant. This meal doesn’t falls on the affordable side but definitely leaves me satisfied. After  all a good breakfast in the morning kicks you off for the rest of the sightseeing. The brewed coffee was delicious, fragrant robust brew paired with great chocolate, I will kill for a cuppa now. The set comes with the main breakfast plate and also coffee and a glass of orange juice. The way the French does things I believe. The Full French breakfast came first, although a tat on the expensive side, but the plate was huge, look at that, I just can’t stop salivating. The plate contains of Toulouse sausage, Alsace bacon, flat field mushrooms, grilled vine tomatoes, egg “de votre choix” and cereal toast aside with some French butter. Each of the items were of extremely high quality, as glamorous as the name sounds, crispy bacons and toast, savoury mushrooms, meaty sausages and bursting grilled tomatoes. I am not a huge fan of tomato but definitely fall in love with these, looks good on the outside, but definitely way better when you eat them. Sweet and full of fresh tomato juice, they are just like a balloon, bursting any second. Last but not least the eggs are the best. I swear, the way the French does their scrambled eggs is an art, so creamy and yet the eggs flavours are retained, it just taste so delicious with the toast, simply out of this world. Although I believe it is only flavoured with milk and butter I believe it takes so skills to cook it like this. Sometimes the easiest ingredients are the hardest to cook! To say that Wild Honey in Singapore is the best in all day breakfast would be an insult to this place! IMG_2318Next up was the avocado toast with slow roasted tomatoes, toasted seeds & poached eggs. Fully decked out my huge chunky pieces of avocado, Aubaine definitely doesn’t scrooge on ingredients, it represents quantity and definitely quality. The avocadoes aren’t too ripe and yet creamy enough to complement in the morning, with the hint of the buttery sweetness, this is an amazing dish. The toasted seeds also represent another layer of texture you get from this dish, crunchy bits that goes along with the gluey egg yolk that flows out once you break it. Lastly you have that toasted fragrant bread to soak it all up. I would definitely recommend this for this with a healthy mindset! It is a must order!
IMG_2319I will definitely recommend ordering the set here as it is more worth it, besides a coffee, the main you will also get a cup of freshly squeeze orange juice. The Toulouse sausage was too delicious that we couldn’t leave without ordering another one on the side, costing 3.50 Pounds, actually this was pretty reasonable to me, after all it was huge meaty and most importantly delicious.
Of course the croissant was the best pastry here, can I just learn how to bake here? Costing about 5 SGD for that croissant, huge, but seems small in my mouth after all, seemly gobbled up in a matter of mins. As explained above, I am sorry for not getting a picture of it, oops:( With that nice drop of cuppa I had, how I wish the time stop at this very moment.

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