Getting to the Millennium Hotel London Mayfair was easy, located at Grosvenor Square, it is near oxford street which contains at least 3 Tube Station, I alighted at the Bond Street Station and make my way over the hotel. On my way there I am just busting with excitement, seeing those London bus, the people and the amazing shops on Oxford Street just makes me so happy. No difference from having a couple of adrenaline shots. Millennium Hotel was located in a prime area, surrounded by embassy, it is quiet and exclusive yet near to all the action also.IMG_2277

But first from Heathrow I have to first get to Paddington to change to the Metro. Using the Heathrow connect was nice, efficient and effective. Although my arrival coincide with the London rush and it was super-duper awfully crowded, this makes things to tough, moreover the small cramp stairs of the Tube entrance makes things so much worse. Serious man, carrying a 30kg suitcase down a narrow fleet of stairs is challenging. I guess it pays to avoid the hefty fare of the famous iconic London cab, but hey, the tube isn’t cheap too. You will never know unless you experience it yourself. I easily spend close to 40 SGD for my 6 days stay in London. Get the oyster card and off you go, do note that the oyster card is refundable so feel free to load it up. Soon the entrance awaits and there it came resting at the nice chic and elegant luxurious lobby. The lift was also, staying at this hotel makes me feel kind of a noble, just like a kind in the UK. The hotel has that luxurious British charm that makes me feel so elegant. Just look at that lift!IMG_2310IMG_2273IMG_2274 IMG_2278IMG_2279The room was okay for a London hotel given the sky high property price, I am quite pleased with the size. The room was huge, but the corridor and toilet were on the narrow side. The hotel also boost view of the exclusive Grosvenor Square, it feels like it is just my patio. And there the majestic kind size bed awaits, totally fit for a King, the bed was super comfy too!

IMG_2280IMG_2281I get the room for a night due to my American Express Ascend card and it is super worth it, given that the price of a stay here easily runs up 300 pounds for a normal room. Super location to use the redemption here. Would I return if it’s free? Definitely! But pay around 400 bucks for a night, I might consider ! After washing up it is time to grab some grub before it gets too dark. Still kindly pissed that my day is wasted by the customs and flight delay.

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