While planning for this trip, with the flights booked, the only thing left completing was the accommodation. In the past, whenever I am in Hong Kong, I would always stay in the Tsim Tsa Tsui area in either the Kimberley Hotel or the Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hotel. After a few visit, I am already like a local in that area, after all we need some new places to explore to hype up my visit. For this visit of mine, I want to try out something different, visit different places and also eat some of the unique stuff. Having been to the Disneyland in the past, this time around I want to do something else, which I am happy to say that I really did so this time around, which I will be sharing in a post later on. Booking.com have always been my first step whenever I am looking for hotels. I would usually key in my dates and then zoom in by selecting the area. Being the paranoid me, I will always cross check the few hotels I want on their official site. Sometimes it will be cheaper on the official websites but there are also times when Booking.com will be cheaper. The cancellation and refund terms may also be different.


Royal Plaza Hotel was one of the hotel I chance upon on the website, it became the choice between it and my usual choice Holiday Inn Golden Mile. I also lucked out on the official site, finding various promotion package and I book a room that comes with a HKD 100 per night credit. For my stay of 4 nights in Hong Kong, I paid around 250 SGD per night, which is worth it given the room credit. Being a 5 star hotel and also the ideal location, the stay is perfect. The hotel is located in the heart of MongKok, the bustling centre of HongKong. Right on top of Mongkok East MTR station, there is no better accessibility than that, it is also directly connected to the newly built shopping mall, MOKO. There is also an access that will lead us to the streets, more specifically Bute Street. From here you can go anywhere, full of eateries and shops, including one of the most delicious egg tarts in town! Can I have one now?IMG_4169IMG_4176IMG_4170IMG_4173After clearing customs, I took a cab to the hotel, costing around 30 SGD and taking around half an hour, eased by the taxi driver who was nice to talk too. I am also super happy, being able to try out some of the Cantonese proficient of mine. Service was definitely suitable of a 5 star hotel, the bellboy was proactive, automatically offload my baggage from the taxi. There was quite a crowd at the grand and huge lobby, despite the queue, I was served by an associate soon. Being offered an upgrade, life doesn’t get much better isn’t it? My room was 1708, which has a high view of the Mongkok landscape and some greens too. The corridor of the hotel was stylish, seemingly alike to the W Hotels, dark and stylish, I especially like the metal room number display on the doors.


The room was large given Hong Kong standards, with 2 comfortable double beds, speaking about the beds, I usually hate hotels beds as they are always too soft, frequently giving me backache. A good bed is such an important part of having a good vacation. The bed here was just nice, the hardness of the bed was just nice to me. The toilet was impressive too, stylish and best of all, a rain forest shower, my favourite. A Nespresso coffee was also provided in the room. Here are some of the pictures of my room.

IMG_4154IMG_4162IMG_4164 IMG_4157  IMG_4159IMG_4158IMG_4160

On my last day on the stay, I went to dine at the hotel Cantonese restaurant for breakfast, utilising the credits in my room. Known as Di King Heen, the star restaurant of the hotel. We ordered a few dim sum and also congee, my favourite was the Siew Mai, which was really delicious, even better than the one I had at One Dim Sum a few days ago. Although more pricey, but the whole meal only came to 150HKD after using the credits I had. The beancurd rolls were definitely innovative!

IMG_4464IMG_4465 IMG_4467IMG_4469

Stay tuned for my upcoming post on my trip in Hong Kong, including Kam Wah Café and One Dim Sum. I will also be doing a review on Jenny Bakery, whose butter cookies are stirring up a storm in Hong Kong and mainland china tourists.  Where do you guys like to stay in Hong Kong? Do share with me!

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