This cafe just reeks of Prague in it. The atmosphere, the environment, the food, the people everything. It is an representation of Czech and the city Prague. The cafe was beautiful and nice. Just nice. The cookery, the glasses and everything. If cafe hopping is your thing, this is one classic one that you can’t miss while in Prague. It is so unique that it has its own identity. This is the equivalent of tea houses in Hong Kong. Locals having their tea break here, smoking while sipping on their glass of coffee. This is it, allowing you to have an local experience. Prices are definitely on the affordable side over here. It is elegant but at the same time unfussy. Do not expect any pricey food or expensive ingredients but just fair. The setting is also beautiful, being on the second floor, it has large windows on the side, allowing you to see the world goes around and good for people watching too.

Although I have to say that many people smokes in the cafe, and being indoor, it is actually quite terrible for the non-smokers, especially when you can’t get a table in the non-smoking area. Location was fine, located between the powder tower and the old town square and for those who hate the stairs, there is a lift to take too. The cakes and crepes comes highly recommended here. Partially of my reason being here was due to the slight rain passing over. We ordered the Crepe with Apple Ragout and the Grand Cafe Orient Dessert to share. The Grand Cafe Orient cake is a must order, being the signature dessert here. IMG_2188At 150 Czech crown the Crepe was around 9 SGD and was definitely worth it, you get a smooth and fragrant crepe topped with many apples, sour cream and also vanilla ice cream. The apples contains cinnamon which elevates its fragrant and taste but at the same time not overly sweet. With the apples piping hot, you complement it with the coldness of ice cream to go with the crepe. With the sour cream along, you will not have that guilty feeling at all. Being a light dish, this definitely leaves you satisfied but not full at the same time, keeping in mind of dinner later. IMG_2189The Grand Cafe Orient cost 105 Czech Crown, which is a little over 6 bucks, it was a light and awfully smooth chocolate cake with plenty of chocolate garnish. To make it even more delicious, a nice white chocolate sauce was drizzled over it. This dessert is an art on its own. The moment it enters you mouth, it will just melt and you can taste the amazing chocolate. This place is totally perfect to be the mid stop for any of your adventures, having some light tea break while resting your feet for more Prague exploring later on.
IMG_2185 IMG_2186
Have you even been to Grand Cafe Orient? What are some of your experience here?

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