As mentioned previously, Prague is an amazing place to be in. Continuing on from my previous post. I was on my way across the Charles Bridge over to the Castle Side. Castle Side are part of district 2 which is just on the other side of the river. There are many ways to reach here including by bus or tram, but I would say that walking would be the best. Such a place like Prague, requires you to spent some quality time with it, talking in all the sights as you walk on the streets. Trust me, it is definitely going to be worth it unless the weather is amazingly hot. Although I have to say reaching the castle is a little tough from foot. I didn’t visit the castle this time around due to poor time management L the castle will be visible and towering among you when you all walking towards its direction on Charles Bridge. I do say that it is pretty far, since I had wander around the streets on the castle side but was still nowhere near it.

The castle side after the Charles Bridge are definitely worth a visit, even if you are not going to the Castle, the experiences that you will have are seemly different. It just feels like entering the Vatican from Rome, seriously, that is how I felt. The place is different, it is located on a bit of an incline. It just like going to another place or land in a Universal Studios Theme Park. There are less people, and have a bit of that small town hospitality feeling charm I believe. The roads are different and with the tram passing by you will really feel like you are out of this world.
IMG_2167 IMG_2176
On the road side you could also find some Prague tradition streets food and there is also a pretty Starbucks over there. I am definitely going to return here to visit the Prague Castle in the near future. Weather in Prague can be quite drastic, soon there were clouds and the skies are getting gloomy and then there are the sunny and windy weather which make everything look so perfect. IMG_2171Hope you guys enjoyed Prague as I do. Stay tune for my review of the Grand Cafe Orient and also eating in Prague tips.

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