Prague was definitely a dream come true for me, having heard about it ages ago and finally being able to set foot on it seems virtual. Seemingly I will associate Europe normally into East and the West, hatefully to bring up the Berlin Wall and the cold war, this is actually the simplest way to separate them and also the most common differences you could see while travelling in Europe. Western Europe are more developed and well maintained, largely due to their early dominance in development and trade while the East is always playing catch up, but in the recent years, some of the countries development are rapid, quickly getting them on par with the West. Although Czech Republic are geographically in the central part of Europe, they used to be on the east side of the wall. Prague being the capital city of Czech Republic is the most iconic representation of the country. Despite it being apparent that they are not as rich, clean and developed as the West, the centre of Prague are largely well maintained and simply just gorgeous. However, on the bright side, everything in Prague are significantly cheaper than other tourists cities, food and drinks. I could not think of another adjective to describe it, back to basics, it is just beautiful. Oh, this is one of the romantic city in the world, it could definitely compete with Paris for the title. It just has that unexplainable charm that you would not understand unless you have been there. I would love to spend some quality time here in the future with my love one. Hopefully these pictures lets you feel the charm.

Some tips about Prague, the public transport still pales in comparison and I would say that you will have to take even more precaution against scams and theft, after all the place is less developed. So unless you have a perfect Russian accent, it is best to stay out of the dark alleys, near the river, or out when it is late. But generally it is still quite safe and a perfect place to travel. Speaking of transportation, there are the metro which is really limited, and then there are trams, this and the buses seems to be the main way of transport in Prague, don’t expect nice, clean and beautiful one like in Germany or Switzerland. The public transport here are also based on the honour system, so you guys can choose what to do. Legs, I seriously think that most of the attractions or places in the city centre can be reached simply just by walking, given the weather and also the nice skies and buildings, there is no place better to walk. Furthermore, the more you walk the faster you get to enjoy these delicacies.
DSC05268DSC05292 DSC05416 IMG_2025 IMG_2026 IMG_2027 IMG_2033 IMG_2035
The furthest distance I have walked was probably from my hotel to the castle side over the Charles Bridge, the walk was perfect, enjoying and taking in the perfect view while strolling. I didn’t walk direct though, passing the shopping mall, Palladium then down Na Prikope to the Old Town Square, then along the river before crossing the Charles Bridge, it will take some time, maybe around 1 hour? Probably due to the shopping and also some pictures taking along the way and also resting. But I would say that it really isn’t tiring. Palladium is a pretty nice place for some shopping, a huge malls containing the shops that you will expect and also plenty of restaurants. There is a nice supermarket at the basement too.
Let me guide you through with a photo map!
DSC05254 DSC05260 DSC05264 DSC05363 DSC05367 DSC05372 DSC05382 DSC05383 DSC05388 DSC05415 DSC05431 DSC05436 IMG_2126 IMG_2149
Some of the amazing sights that can be missed includes the Powder Tower and also the Municipal House. They really sets well along with the streets and also the building. I also had the chance to pass by the Dancing House while on the bus.
IMG_2019 IMG_2020
Na Prikope, the most famous street in Prague and also one of the most expensive streets in the world, here you could find most of the brands you are looking for, if shopping is your main attraction, there will be no better place to be. Although I will say to spend some time in some of the winding streets near Old Town Square, streets are small and mostly pedestrian only, here you can find unique boutiques and shops that seems amazing. I have to say, Old Town Square is the best, seriously, I would just like to set up a tent in the middle of it and stay there all day along, looking while the day pass by. Life couldn’t get much better than this. My experience in Prague was quite perfect and unique, I was there during the Easter period, many places are full of the markets, including the Old Town Square which was the largest. Wines, food, gifts, eggs small gifts could be found at such markets. There was some iron welding huts there also. There are also outdoor concerts and performance. Seriously, you could just spend a whole day here. Way too gorgeous, I mean, how could something be so beautiful, with the Easter market the feeling was so festive and unique.
DSC05312DSC05336 DSC05319IMG_2060 DSC05321 DSC05322 DSC05328 DSC05348 DSC05351 IMG_2050 DSC05355IMG_2042 IMG_2044 IMG_2045 IMG_2049 IMG_2051 IMG_2061IMG_2062 IMG_2070IMG_2071 IMG_2072 IMG_2074
Another place that you definitely couldn’t miss are the river side. The river separate the castle side from the rest of the city centre. There are many bridge here and the most famous one have to be the Charles Bridge. Do not expect a super clean river and blue waters, but I guess that is just its charm. Walking along the river you will find many postcard scenery. With the river and the castle side buildings setting over it. Charles Bridge is just out of the world, actually the bridge is quite high to be said, the bridge is quite long, but you will never be bored. There are music performance, carts selling items, many locals offering to draw a portrait of you, and it’s just so amazing. It is just a nice way to spend the afternoon, taking in the cooling breeze, staring occasionally at the birds flying over you and the only thing that you will be saying repeatedly would be “IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL, WHY SO BEAUTIFUL?”
DSC05420DSC05421 DSC05426DSC05432 DSC05428 DSC05460 DSC05461 DSC05466 DSC05474IMG_2152IMG_2154 DSC05476 DSC05477 IMG_2117 IMG_2129 IMG_2158
Then there was the Astronomical Clock which sits nearby the Old Town Square, it’s really hard to take a good picture with all these people around. If you come at the right time there are also some performance in Old Town Square. I would love to visit here again, in the Christmas season especially, can’t wait to check out the Christmas Markets. Wenceslas Square which leads up to the Museum, the atmosphere is pretty great here, full of shops also but probably less crowd then the Old Town Square, which makes up for it. Leading up to the gorgeous Museum, this is the place to get some postcard pictures as it is pretty easy to capture everything with you inside, since you are on a slope leading up to the Museum.
DSC05397 DSC05399IMG_2230 IMG_2232IMG_2238 IMG_2244
Hang on for my thoughts on the castle side! Do share with me your experience in Prague!

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