Oh this tiny little plane, it is actually not really tiny, unless you compare it to the A380 jumbo jet or the 747 and then it really pales in comparison. The A320 is actually a workhorse, where many budget airlines and Inter Europe flights. It also had a pretty clean and safe record, until this past year where it hasn’t been kind to the aviation industry, the AirAsia Crash and also the GermanWings Pilot Suicide recently. It is really sad to hear such news and especially for me since I am flying on the A320 a few hours after the GermanWings crash.

Back to the point, both the hard or soft products definitely sucks, given that I had just come from business class and attended by the best crew in the industry, Singapore Girls. However it is worth nothing that inter Europe flights are actually much much better than the budget airlines we are familiar with in Singapore. Mostly same planes, same size but different crews, service and also different seats. On Europe flights, business class and economy seats are the same, the only different are the meals and also having the middle seat blocked off for business class. Thus you don’t get to brush hand with anyone beside you. On European airlines, they have come up with Slim line Seats, which I really prefer, it means that the seat cushion are really thin, this may means less comfort but on the good side, you get more leg space which I will definitely go for. I will say that Lufthansa and British Air are among the best. Their crew are polished, plane is pretty good and maintained and you get catering. For the same price, I do not get any catering on my flight to Madrid in the later part of this trip as it is being operated by Iberia Air. As a result of the slim line seats, i would say that the leg space was pretty good.
DSC04823 DSC04824
Prior to boarding my flight to Munich, I went to the boarding desk and get another update on my baggage, I really can’t survive without them. A guy attended to me before he past me on to someone older, I would say that he is more experienced and probably the Lufthansa Station manager in Istanbul. Most importantly, he is German and he speaks good English, finally back to civilisation, he ensure me that my baggage are loaded onboard. This definitely assures me. Happily I am, I boarded, most internal Europe flights are in 3-3 seating and my family occupy just nice one side. This means that we got our own space.
With no things to play around with and also no entertainment, SLEEP, that’s the best and also the fastest way to reach your destination. Halfway through the flight, a hot snack was served and was quite nice actually. It was a chicken steak with tomato pasta sauce accompanied with potatoes, and it was piping hot and it washed down perfectly with some white wine. Comparable to SQ? Nope in my opinion, Singapore Girls are in a league of  their own.  IMG_1787
With the greens approaching us, I finally got my eyes on the gorgeous Bavaria. The bad side was it was a long long long walk to arrivals from our gate in Munich airport. I swear, it was like a 30 mins walk to clearing customs and German customs are actually quite strict, many questions were asked. Singaporeans Issues. The walk was so long that my baggage was actually send to Lost and Found. Argh, I hate baggage issues, it just gets into my head. Tickets bought and off we go on the S Bahn to Munich City.

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