I had recently took a short trip to HongKong and partly due to some expiring miles, I had the best short trip of my life, flying in Business Class, got a tour of the Suites Class and meeting one of the best Flight Stewardess on my return flight to Singapore. It a blessing that I managed to met her on my flight and she has shared many valuable and exciting experience with me onboard the short 4 hour flight, how I wish I was flying long haul. Hello Josie, if you are reading this, hoping to meet up with you soon and hear more of your adventures !

The weekends was great, forgetting about numbers, forgetting about work. Practically just Sleep, Walk and Eat every day. HongKong is one of the most my favourite countries in the world and only a stone throw away, hey only applicable when you are flying Singapore Airlines Business with Josie on board. Truly, I feel that this short getaway was super fulfilling, visited totally different places from the past few times that I was in HongKong, did what I wanted to do, try what I wanted to eat and best of all, I met a great friend and a fellow travel lover, Josie.
IMG_4137 IMG_4512
To share some of my planning, I had managed to snack up some of the promo fare for my family and I managed to use my expiring Miles, I also decided to try out staying in Mongkok this time. Usually I would stay at the Tsim Tsa Tsui area in either the Holiday Inn or at the Kimberley Hotel. This time I decided to stay at the Royal Plaza Hotel in Mongkok, stay tuned for my upcoming post as to why I will choose this hotel over the others in the future whenever I return to HongKong.
The last time I visited HongKong was close to 2 years ago, I have always prefer to visit in the cooling months, however this time I was travelling in July, which means that it’s going to be terribly hot, but that means delicious Lychees could be found. Some of my highlights include riding the ferry from Tsim Tsa Tsui to Central where in turns I found a filming location of a TVB Drama and also eating some of the best food in HongKong, egg tarts, claypot rice and obviously dim sum. I went to the Peak this time around after 5 years finally and this time the view was so much better. Although the part where you goes up the peak is a terrible one, stay tuned for that. I will also do a review for Jenny Bakery, a seemly famous store selling cookies, I heard that queues could be up to 2 hours long !
IMG_4235 IMG_4400
For Seeing the World in Steps purposes, I managed to review a new business class product and also a new lounge. So there is progress right? In Steps it shall be ! Of course, my greatest gain from this trip is meeting Josie ! Do you guys love HongKong? Being only 4 hours away Hong Kong is perfect for a getaway!

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