I had a pretty tough time while in transit in Istanbul Ataturk Airport perhaps things ease out a bit once I entered the Prime Class CIP Lounge. Freshly off the exclusive cabin of the Singapore Airlines Business Class, I found myself in a chaotic, overwhelmed Ataturk Airport for my transit, in a foreign location where Singapore Airlines Ground support is contracted out to the locals and a place where I couldn’t communicate well. It really felt loss, especially since I wanted to double confirm my baggage status, I wanted it to be tag all the way to Munich and not left in the Lost and Found area in Ataturk Istanbul. I couldn’t really remember the number of places I went to ask and check. The Ground Staff handling Singapore Airlines, Turkish Airlines transit desk and also the Lufthansa Staff prior to boarding. To sum up, it’s tough and tired. I also had to cleared security checks twice, that means taking off your belt, shoes jacket twice. Oh god! True advised, plan more time for transit or arrivals in Istanbul.

Finally after that, I entered the Prime Class CIP Lounge using my Priority Pass. It is a no frills lounge, but at least decent, with wifi, couches, sofa and decent food. At least it gets you some quiet and rest from the packed and noisy terminal. Speaking of this, Ataturk need a larger Airport now, like now really. I did also managed to get a shower which was just great. Although the towels really sucks, you just had to make do with a large piece of wet tissue material kind of disposable towels?
 DSC04816 DSC04817 DSC04818 DSC04819
Time definitely flies, catching up with my phone, and also seeing the latest update on the GermanWings Plane Crash, this is super scary, I swear, given that I am about to board the same exact model plne a couple hours later, totally. I am also afraid that planes would be grounded if the authorities believe that the crash is due to a technical issue. There are just so many things in my mind, the plane, missing my transfer and also my baggage.
It is amazing to know that there are actually quite a number of good lounge in Ataturk, first there are the couple of no fills Priority Pass lounge like Prime Class CIP Lounge, HSBC Lounge. Then there are Sky Team Lounge and also a Emirates Lounge, I wonder why do they even have a lounge here, probably having too much money and finally the iconic Turkish Airlines CIP Lounge which I will be checking out on my way back to Singapore.
Thankfully, things were on board and schedules were on time and soon I was on this tiny little bird to Munich. Stay Tuned for my adventures in Munich.

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