After making my way from the SilverKris Lounge in Terminal 3 to the gate I was surprised by the queue at the security checks, it was quite some wait, but definitely smooth and efficient. To speak frankly, I will rather get “molested” by the security then taking out my belt, it’s just so troublesome to wear the belt again. Soon, I was in the gate area, and boarding was called, as usual, everyone just crowded around the entrance, but, but, there came the power of holding the blue card and I just managed to squeeze those people that were blocking the entrance and boarded first. Once onboard, there were 3 flights stewardess there to welcome us and one of them escorted me to my seat, offering to hang my jacket as well. Seeing that I was snapping some pictures, she offered to take a group photo for my family as well.

Speaking about exclusivity, the premium cabin are usually staffed by senior ranking stewardess and steward. Although I have to say, there is a difference when you fly on a smaller aircraft or on jumbo jets like the A380, on a 2 class flight or a 3 class flight. On my recently Business Class flight to Hong Kong, I had a great chat with a Flight Stewardess, she had also shared with me that usually Flight Stewardess are staffed for Business Class but on the A380 where it’s so huge, a leading and chief ranking Stewardess/Steward are staffed as well. While the Suites/First Class are staffed usually by a min of Leading Stewardess/Steward. This could be a advantage when you are flying for example the 777-200, where there are only Business & Economy, in this case the Business Class gets all, the exclusivity and also the polished, highly experienced crews including the Inflight Service Manager/Purser. Although I have no issue with normal Flight Attendants too. Speaking about this flight to Istanbul, there are only 26 Seats, this definitely feels like First Class. Furthermore, Singapore Airlines Business Class hard product are comparable to most of the Airlines First Class seats too.
I was offered magazines and a welcome drink soon and I gladly went forward with a Champagne. Singapore Airlines served Charles Heidsieck onboard as also in the Singapore SilverKris Lounge. Soon a kit consisting of eyeshades and a Fushion of Socks/Slippers was given out. Throughout the boarding process, the crew went around taking order for meals and also a drink after takeoff. One of the Leading Stewardess also came to me to discuss about the Cake that I had prepared for my Dad, since it will be his birthday in a couple days, there should be no way better than to celebrate it onboard. Here are some pictures of the Menu.
  IMG_1718 IMG_1720IMG_1721IMG_1722IMG_1723IMG_1724IMG_1725IMG_1726IMG_1727IMG_1728IMG_1729IMG_1730IMG_1731IMG_1732
Since my seat was only confirmed at the airport, I didn’t had the chance to utilise the Book the Cook Service. I had choose the Salmon for my main course while my parents had pre book the Lobster Thermidor and the Seared Black Cod. Oh ya and Singapore Airlines Garlic Bread is like the bomb, it’s really super good. I also had a class of 2010 Chateau Larose before switching to a 2012 white Burgundy for my main course. I also had a SilverKris Sling in the night too. Starting with the Herb prawns with grilled vegetables and balsamic dressing and also ending off the meal with the birthday cake as dessert.
IMG_1739 IMG_1744 IMG_1745
While my parents had the world famous Lobster Thermidor.
Of course given a choice i would have used the Book the Cook service but the salmon was pretty nice too, but the mashed potato was handled excellent. I do have to thank the crew for being attentive and my dad was really surprised by the cake onboard, how I wish I could have celebrate mine while flying at 34,000 feet too. Champagne was also served along. Having a fully flat bed while flying is probably more tempting that the Kris World Entertainment System onboard and watching the crew doing your bed is amazing, flanked with Givenchy branded quit and beddings, life is good. With the wines helping out, I got a good sleep, Singapore Girls definitely lives up to their name as they will suddenly know that you are out of your bed and tidy up the blankets and pillow to the correct position for you when you go to the loo. Oh, I certainly couldn’t pass up on having a SilverKris Sling and a Paris Singapore Tea that was excellent. The View was great too.
IMG_1753 IMG_1751   IMG_1759 IMG_1758IMG_1762IMG_1760
With about 3 hours to land, I had asked for the bed to be made back to the chair and breakfast was soon served. Freshly squeeze orange juice was the way to start the brand new day in Europe Timing. I had the Scrambled Eggs which was good. I might also had a champagne breakfast too and a great latte. Feeling too full, i skip on the cereals and the croissant which look great. Meanwhile, my parents had the Dimsum and the Poached egg
 IMG_1764 IMG_1767 IMG_1768 IMG_1766
Soon we made our landing and there we go for spending a 7 hour layover in the awfully crowded Ataturk Airport. It is disappointing to know that we were parked at a ground, which means we had to take the bus to the terminal. Definitely due to the lack of status of SQ in Turkey, but it is worth knowing that the excellent crew make sure we had a bus all to ourselves for the Business Class passengers. Stay tuned for my 7 hour worrying experience in Ataturk.

2 thoughts

  1. Hi….
    Just found out your blog.
    You are on SQ Boeing 777-200 right?
    How is the Lie Flat Bed? Is it comfortable to sleep? Because im travelling to Istanbul this summer.

    Thank you..


    1. Hey Franklin! Hope you like my sharing! Yup it’s the 777-200ER! Even though it’s the old SQ business class seat now, it’s still awesome on a 1-2-1 configuration! I will suggest you get the bulkhead seats! First row in the Cabin. These seats leg space are huge and you won’t be constrain when lying flat!


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