The lyf Sukhumvit 8 is one of the newest ASR concepts in Bangkok. The co-living space is right smack in the heart of the city. It is a balance between a hostel and a hotel. It gives you privacy with your room and toilets but the ability to mingle among guests in the communal space. This is Ascott’s first lyf property in Thailand and its 11th operating property in Bangkok. It is less of a hotel and more of a co-living space with private rooms. This property is perfect for the millennials and younger ones. I have always loved the concept of hostels and meeting people but the idea of not having my safe space and toilets sometimes turns me off. Here at lyf, you get the best of both worlds.

Booking Process & Pre Arrival

The lyf Sukhumvit 8 is located in the Nana area. The location is very convenient with the BTS station right outside. That allows you to zip around the city and escape the traffic. It is also possible to walk to Siam and even MBK if you are up for it. There are tons of restaurants, bars and shops in the vicinity. Seeing The World In Steps stayed as a guest of lyf Sukhumvit 8. I was booked into their One of a Kind Studio. Do check out their rates directly as they are currently running some promotions. They go for around 60 SGD a night. The lyf Sukhumvit 8 features only one room type, which is the One of A Kind Studio. They have a total of 196 rooms.

Checking In

I arrive at the hotel at around 4.30pm in the afternoon. It is just a short stroll from where I was the night before. Upon arrival, I was warmly welcomed and immediately helped. Check-in was a breeze since there was barely anyone at this hour. The staff also assisted me with downloading the ASR app since they have fully implemented the mobile keys at this property. Physical keys are not issued. This is one of their going green steps.

It is quite easy to use in the rooms but the elevator sensors are not that sensitive as you have to place them close to the sensor. Housekeeping is also only offered every other day. Any additional service will be chargeable. The staff also enquired if I am keen on some events that they have during my stay. I sign up for the green curry cooking class the next day.

One of A Kind Studio

The common areas are so cool! It looks so vibrant. They had these cute little small messages on the room doors out there. Mine was about chasing rainbows. I love the energy and vibrancy of the place. The bright yellow colour makes it so welcoming and happy. I was assigned a room on the fourth floor, room 427 to be exact. It is a short walk from the elevators. The rooms are definitely on the smaller side and only measures 16 Sqm. Most of the rooms here are identical.

Immediately upon entering, you have the whole room in view. The layout was pretty chic and nicely decorated. It is designed in a way to maximise space. It kinda reminds me of the room at Hotel G. You have a little feature on the wall with some hooks for your clothing. I sort of like those little knobs and openings that allow you to hang hangers on them. This is useful. I did wish that they had a full-length mirror here which will be great for checking out your fit before exiting.

Towards the right, you can find the toilets and showers which are located in separate rooms. Both of them share the same sliding door that you can pivot towards one. The design is space-saving. Both of them are pretty spacious.

The shower room is huge and comes with a handheld shower head that can be mounted on the wall. Water pressure and temperature control are excellent. It was much better than expected and I had a great shower. Toiletries are from IDEOLOGY, an Australian brand whose scents are focused on botanical extracts. They are pretty good and lather well. All other amenities are available upon request. I was offered a shaver as well as a toothbrush during check-in. The basin is outside the shower room in the open-concept bathroom.

The room is rectangular in configuration. On the left, you have this little indentation that offers you additional storage space for your items like wallets and phones.

The bed itself is on a platform. The queen-size mattress is extremely comfortable. It is sort of a memory foam kind of mattress. I had a good rest on it. The same goes for the pillows which offer great neck support. On the headboard area, you can find a power socket. By the side of the bed, you have a little seating area by the window with a Thai-style kind of cushion. There is another rack on the wall here for additional storage as well. I am surprised by the lack of a TV in the room. There should be enough space on the wall for one to be mounted up. Perhaps with their target market, guests like us frequently travel with our laptops and smartphones. TV is often the underused amenity in the room for me.

Under the platform, there is space for your baggage and a safe. Do note that the room does not come with a fridge as well.

You can find a little table next to the bed between the basin and the bed. The little spot allows you to get some work done in the room. You are instead encouraged to use the common spaces around the property. Power outlets are available here. The wifi is easy to connect to and the speed is fast. You can also find a water tumbler on the desk.

They have a drinking water dispenser in the common areas near the elevators.

Overall, I am happy with the room. It is clean and secure. The no-frills room is solid for those who are on a budget but yet want some privacy. It is a solid one for those who are out exploring most of the time and the room is just needed for showering and sleeping.

Common spaces 

Given the co-living concept, there are multiple common spaces around the property. Let me share them. First up, you have the rooftop on the 8th floor. You can access it via some starts at the end of the corridor. It is quite a lovely space with some greens and chairs. This is a good spot to wind down in the evening. I can see them having some events here such as morning yoga or perhaps a happening wine down Fridays over some booze from a makeshift bar.

The communal lounge on the ground floor offers space for chilling in and to work from if you need to get some work done. There are plenty of seats and the environment is comfortable.

BOND is the name for the common kitchen that residents or guests can use to whip up some food and also make their breakfast in the morning. You can find packaged tea and coffee for guests. The place is clean and well-maintained. You can find all sorts of equipment and cutleries. Two large fridges are provided for guests’ use.

The property also has a launderette on the second floor with both washers and dryers. This is perfect for long stays. They also had a little communal area with a hockey and football table where you can mingle and make friends.

Social Events

lyf Sukhumvit 8 also run social events from time to time. All guests are invited to take part. I had the opportunity to participate in a Green Curry Cooking class during my stay. I was so interested in it since I had not taken part in any Thai cooking class before despite my numerous trips here. It took about an hour or so and the instructors were very nice to guide me along. I had a fun time cooking up my own authentic Thai Green Curry before enjoying them. Here are some pictures of me cooking.

Looking at their website, I can see that they have upcoming events such as Yoga, Dart Competition and Drinks gathering. This is something that I enjoy. Do take part if there is one happening during your stay. You get to do something fun and meet fellow travellers.


Breakfast is in a DIY style. From 6am to 10am daily, they will have some ingredients laid out in the kitchen. Guests can help themself to the items to fix their breakfast.


I had an enjoyable stay. The location of the property is really good and that is such a crucial aspect when you are choosing a place to stay in Bangkok. The rooms are clean and safe. It might be simple but does get the job done. They can certainly improve the room slightly by having a mini fridge and TV in the room. I enjoyed the social events and the green curry cooking class. lyf Sukhumvit 8 Bangkok is worth considering and I have no qualms recommending this place to travellers looking for accommodations in Bangkok at this price point.

This was a hosted media stay, all views expressed are my own.