I went for a staycation at Hotel G a couple of weeks ago, this should be rather different from the usual reviews that I have written. Most of the time,  I will stay at huge chains, I got a rather good rate at Hotel G via Klook. Hotel G is a lifestyle boutique hotel located in the Bugis area making it perfect for tourists to get around the city and the nearby attractions. It has loads of dining options nearby as well. A good alternative to the usual hotel spots in Marina Bay or the Orchard area. I will hold Hotel G as a 3.5 to 4-star hotel and it will be a good comparison to the Millennium Hotels & Resorts chain of M Social and Studio M hotel. You can check out the review of M Social which I have stayed a couple of months ago. A great options for travellers especially if they are on a budget. It isn’t hard to find rates here under 100 SGD a night. 


Booking Process & Pre Arrival 

Klook was running a decent enough sales a couple of weeks back and rates for Hotel G were going at 100 SGD Nett a night. I chance upon a Klook DBS Voucher for Altitude card members where you can receive 35 SGD off a min spent of 100 SGD. That brought the nightly rate down to 65 SGD a night for my stay at Hotel G. I book the entry-level Good room. It was a last min booking for a lovely gathering. In plain ol english, Hotel G kept in view of its name and also categories its rooms with the alphabet G, in Good, Great and Greater. Of course, the Greater is the best room type here and the most spacious room. It does seem that if one day they decide to have an even better room type they could name it Greatest! That’s some foresight. The Good rooms come in either a single, queen or king configuration. So do make sure to put in a request for one in King after all they are much more spacious than a queen bed. As expected, the rooms here do not comes with a bathtub. Hotel G Singapore has a total of 308 rooms spread across 4 categories. 24 of the Good rooms can be connected to each other for families. 

RoomsBathtubSizeNo. of Rooms
GoodNo11 – 13 Sqm216
GreatNo15 – 16 Sqm88
GreaterNo27 Sqm4
Family (Connecting Good Rooms)No24 Sqm12 Sets

Checking In

Hotel G entrance is pretty hidden and located on level 2 which can be accessed via the carpark. The carpark is also a tight fit. The entrance does not spark luxurious but it is certainly chic. I arrived right about 2pm and was given a warm welcome by Howard. Despite it being right around check-in timing it is still rather quiet and I did not have to wait long. It does get a little busier later on. The small lobby does have a couple of seating areas as well. 


I was given a one-level upgrade to a King Great room and my check-out was extended till 2pm as well. Howard also assisted me in making a restaurant booking at 25 Degrees later in the evening. You can’t deny that it is pretty good value to receive a full 24 hours stay for 65 bucks. Fitting into its theme, you can expect bold colours, a futuristic kind of design and loud music. I was also informed that in-house hotel guests enjoy 15% off dining at 25 Degrees and Ginett. 


Great Room

I was assigned room 0917 on the 9th floor. Immediately after entering, I was greeted by loud blasting music from the TV. What a trendy welcome. My room was mainly in a long rectangular layout and it is pretty chic. Measuring 16 Sqm, you can see the entire room in one look. 


Thankfully the openness of the place help makes the room less squeezy and claustrophobic. Instead of proper wardrobe and cabinets, there are only racks installed right next to the entrance. Hangers are provided here as well. This is provided in lieu of an actual wardrobe. I would prefer this concept instead given how small the room is. Given the layout, a proper wardrobe will make it seems out of place. You can find the bathroom on the left of the walkway. The bathroom comes with a sliding door which helps to save space. The look of the bathroom surely reminds me of some of the older hotels that I have stayed previously. It’s pretty alright and good for a night or two. The space was so small that the basin has to be installed outside of the bathroom itself and oh boy, it is a tight squeeze. It certainly brings backs good memories of an aircraft toilet. 


I even found it rather impressive that they even had a rainforest shower head in addition to a handheld one! When my previous stay at the 5-star Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay was lacking one! PRMB, is a rainforest is that hard? It comes with a standing shower behind a shower curtain. Amenities are provided by Melts, an Australian brand. They were pretty good and decent. This is what Parkroyal And Pan Pacific Hotels provide in their rooms as well Kudos to Hotel G for providing quality amenities. I was expecting some dispenser kind of 3 in 1 amenities at this price point. Water pressure and temperature control were excellent. It will be really nice if the bathroom has glass walls, that will help for a room of this size.


Along the side of the wall, you can find a proper working desk and a chair provided. The chair is decent and rather comfortable. Power outlets can be found easily and kudos to them for installing not only international universal outlets but also USB outlets. Oh well, it is a hotel for the young and millennials! The Wifi was fast and easy to connect. 


Besides the table there is a little ledge that constitutes the minibar area. A kettle is provided alongside some cartons of water. I appreciate them for being eco-friendly and providing water in paper cartons rather than plastic bottles. Some packaged teas and instant coffee sachets are provided. 


At the far end of the room, you can find the king size bed above a little platform. The little quirks in design definitely help for a room this small. Under the bed, extra space can be found to store your suitcase or other belongings. A safe can also be found here. 


The bed was pretty comfortable and of good quality. I love the cosy set-up. It is nice to find a king-size bed even when it is so small. For comparison, M Social only has a queen size bed in the room! I like that the mattress is on the firmer side. Pillows aren’t comfortable though and were paper thin. Thankfully more pillows can be easily requested from housekeeping. Perched above the bed was a very chic light with dream catchers. There isn’t much of a view from the room to speak about despite it being on the 9th floor. It simply faces the unglamorous office building next door.


The TV is mounted on the wall facing the bed and it is on the smaller side. It’s is not a Smart TV and you can only connect your laptop via a traditional HDMI cable. There are cable TV channels available. For sports fans, you can find Fox Sport available.



The gym is located on level 3 and I really love the vintage designs, together with the pumping music and bricks walls, it reminds me of the scene in American movies. Due to capacity controls, reservations are required and you can book the time slot from the front desk. It is open from 6am to 11.30pm. Bookings are made in 1hr slots. A maximum of 2 pax can use the gym at a time which literally means a private gym all to yourself. The gym was actually decent and pretty comfortable. It felt like a classy boxing club. You can find the gym fitted with treadmills, bikes, elliptical, climbers, wellness balls and weights. This place will be perfect for some high-intensity spinning classes. It’s unique to see a hotel gym having a punching bag. 



25 Degrees

During my stay, I also had the chance to have dinner at 25 Degrees. The hotel burger, wine and liquor bar. 25 Degrees actually originated from LA. The Menu is a simple rendition of their specialities and the classic beef burgers are simply labelled as Number One, Number Two……etc. I heard that the name 25 degrees comes from the fact that 25 degrees are exactly the temperature difference between a raw patty and well-done. For those who do not take beef, they have some other options as well.


25 Degrees do run a pretty awesome happy hour menu. You can check out the restaurant menu here. I have also included some snippets of it below. 




Breakfast is also served here in the morning and the prices are very fair. 


Do note that they do not accept any reservations and you can only walk in. Thankfully, it was pretty empty when I came by for dinner on a weekday. The restaurant is open from 7am to 10.30pm daily. The service was good and attentive. We went for the set dinner which was a pretty good deal. You can choose a burger and sides for 18 SGD. Furthermore, in-house guests enjoy an extra 15% off as well! The staff is really knowledgeable and recommends a couple of items. Given that it is their speciality, we got the Number One burger and the Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger. 


The Number One burger comes with caramelized onions and bacon. They also include two different types of cheese, Crescenza and Prelibato Gorgonzola. It creates a very creamy texture that goes super well with the beef. I really like it and didn’t get the pungy taste of blue cheese that I usually stay away from. 


The Fried Chicken Burger was pretty unmemorable. It was alright and I appreciate that the fried thigh meat was juicy. However, it was a tat oily. The batter was too thick too. 


For the sides, we opt for the Curly Fries and the Onion Rings. They were a good portion and the curly fries were rather good. I love it with some mayo on the side. Quite a steal at 5 bucks to be honest. However, I didn’t like the onion rings which had the same issue as the fried chicken. It felt like they were soaking in grease or they weren’t drained off properly before serving. 


We also had some drinks and got a Negroni and Mojito. They were pretty good and potent.



I will definitely recommend you all to go for the beef burgers while you are here. If you do not take beef, try Ginett next door instead. I would love to be back one day especially when the happy hour starts again.


I love this room much more than the one I had at M Social. It’s much more spacious as well and I prefer this layout. Furthermore, better amenities and you can even find a rainforest shower in the bathroom. Location wise, it is also better. For tourists, it is much more accessible and you have a greater selection of eateries nearby. For M Social, it is surrounded by private apartments. Hotel G is a clear winner! Service is attentive and good. My request for additional items was immediately brought up. I would love to be back one day to review the other room types and check out Ginett restaurant.