I went back to The Capitol Kempinski Hotel in mid-June and would like to share my experience. I have already shared extensively about my previous stay which includes my thoughts on the property and facilities. You can refer to that post if you would like to know more about it. I chance upon an awesome HSBC deal and got a room at a good rate which includes both dining credits and breakfast. I will also be celebrating my birthday here. I have already done up an in-depth review of the property previously. This time around I will only review the difference and my room. This time I will be staying in a Grand Deluxe Room.


Booking Process & Pre Arrival 

A couple of months ago there was a very good deal for HSBC cardmembers. For the first 50 bookings, you are able to get the Classic Room at 288 SGD Nett. The rate includes daily free-flow a la carte breakfast at 15 Stamford, $88 nett dining credit, guaranteed 11 am early check-in and 3 pm late checkout. Furthermore, with it being a direct booking I will also be able to stack on my GHA Black benefits. Kinda regretting it right now for not booking a couple more of this deal. I received the pre-arrival email one week before my stay and I also did email in to make reservations for the pool. Customize your stay with the huge selection of pillows. 

Kempinski Pre Arrival 2

The night before my stay I received a call from Stella who is an absolute gem! She reconfirms my early check-in at 9am and late check-out at 6pm. I was also accorded a 3 tier upgrade to a Grand Deluxe room. I have constantly enjoyed my stays at this hotel and always got to relish the full benefits of being a GHA Black member. The perfect destination to celebrate my birthday. Getting a 33 hours stay for a one night staycation is the best thing ever! Let me just recap slightly, The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore have a total of 155 rooms and suites spread across 9 categories. 

RoomsEvening CocktailsBathtubSizeNo. of Rooms
ClassicNoSelected32 Sqm23
DeluxeNoSelected45 Sqm38
HeritageNoYes45 Sqm24
Grand DeluxeNoSelected50 Sqm33
TerraceNoYes45 Sqm14
Executive SuiteYesYes55 Sqm4
Stamford SuiteYesYes58 – 61 Sqm16
Bidwell SuiteYesYes71 Sqm2
Heritage SuiteYesYes137 Sqm1

Checking In

I arrive at around 10am and was given a friendly welcome by Ariel who proceeds to help me with the registration. Check-in at Capitol Kempinski was a sitdown affair. Ariel was really professional and even had the time to engage me in some small talk. I was given the information for the current service offering as well as the menu for breakfast and the takeaway. I was also informed that I have a 88 SGD Nett dining credit that I can enjoy. GHA Black members also enjoy a property-wide 15% discount and all guests get 15% off the takeaway menu too. The lobby was quaint and quiet at this hour. Similarly to my previous experience, I was shown to my room by Ariel who then gave a brief introduction to the room before wishing me a great stay ahead. 


Grand Deluxe Room

The Grand Deluxe Room is the largest among its peers over here. This is no ordinary room.  The room measures a spacious 50 Sqm. This means that it is only 5 Sqm smaller than the Executive Suite and 10 Sqm than the Stamford Suite which I have stayed previously. It is super comparable to a suite. While there is a couple of different configuration, mine was vaguely similar to the Stamford Suite I tried previously with the exception of the living room area. I was assigned one that is in a regular rectangular layout. The room is designed like a junior suite and the double doors separating the bedroom area from the entrance and bathroom makes it extra classy. Similarly to the suite, immediately after entering, the bathroom is located on both sides with a sliding door entrance. The sliding doors of the bathroom act as “walls” which can be used to extend the entrance corridor when closed. I love the concept! 


The bathroom was almost similar with the exception of a slightly smaller standing shower area. You can find the classy double sinks and a Japanese style bidet toilet to the left. Toiletries provided are from Salvatore Ferragamo Tuscan Soul, one of my favourite amenity! Smaller bottles amenities are left for normal rooms. They also only provide one set of them although more can be requested. You can also find some surgical masks and a bottle of hand sanitiser left here. 


On the other side, the iconic freestanding KALDEWEI bathtub can be found. One of the most spacious tub I have ever experienced. It comes with excellent water pressure and temperature control. I love that the taps are designed in the middle and they can be adjusted away as well, this makes it perfect for couple soaking. Get one of your favourite Lush bathbomb and you are definitely in for a relaxing soak while catching up on your shows with the mini TV.


The standing shower area was a little smaller than the one in the suite. Fitting wise, it’s exactly the same. You have the cascading rainforest shower in addition to the wall-mounted shower-head and a handheld one. This time around, the water pressure was much better! 


Behind the double doors, you can find the bedroom area. While you do not have the living room area here, the bedroom is much more spacious than the one in the suite. 


On both side, you can find two cabinets. One was the wardrobe which contains all sorts of amenities that you might need, including bathrobes and bath slippers. Kempinski bath slippers are among my favourites. They are super high quality and I love the black colour which makes it predominantly different from the other hotels. The other one was a luggage rack area. The space is pretty tight and I struggle to even fit my cabin size suitcase. For those with a bigger suitcase, a foldable luggage rack can be found here as well. 


Opposite the bed, you can find the large high-quality smart TV mounted on the wall. It’s of a good size. I always love the TV set up here, not only does it supports Apple TV and Chromecast, you can find easily accessible HDMI ports and power sockets right next to the TV. The TV also has one of the widest selection of  Cable TV channels. During my stay, they even had the dedicated channels that broadcast the Euros. This is quite impressive In my opinion! Kinda make sense since they have a special Euros room package. 


Below the TV you can find the huge working desk cum minibar setup. I love the dark reddish wood colour. The study table comes with both a desk lamp and a flip-up vanity mirror. The ladies will definitely love it. This is also where the hairdryer is located. Outlets can be conveniently found. Wifi is easy to connect and fast. Under one of the drawers, you can find the fridge which is well stocked with juices and soft drinks. Minibar is complimentary here and these are replenished daily. 


You can also find a Nespresso machine with 4 capsules provided. TWG packaged tea are also provided. Bottles of drinking water are generously left around the room. 


Capitol Kempinski has one of the most comfortable king size bed. I love the sheets here and always got a good rest. They also have quality pillows. The ability to customise your bedding with your preferred selection from more than 10 different kinds of pillows makes it even more delightful. This time round I request an extra bolster which I love so much. On both sides of the bed, you can find nightstands with controls for the blinds, curtains as well as the lights. Outlets can be conveniently found and on one side of the bed an alarm clock with a built-in Qi Wireless Charger is provided! Turn down service is still offered during this period. 



I love the cosy dining cum seating area on the far end of the room. There isn’t much of a view to speak of here given that you are only at level 3. I kept the blinds drawn throughout my stay. My room comes with a comfortable huge sofa as well as two chairs surrounding a pretty decent size table. This can easily seat 6 people comfortably. I love having this area, especially during this period when you are doing most of your dining in the room. This could even be an extra bed for the kids!


Left on the table was a welcome amenity consisting of a fresh fruit platter. The team also very kindly prepared a birthday cake and decorated up the room for me since I was staying on my birthday. 


Takeaway Dinner / Room Service

With the current health regulations that limit dining out, you are only allowed to dine in your room or suite at the hotel. Seeing that I had some credits to spend we got ourselves a lovely dinner within the comfort of our room while watching the Roland Garros Final. Guests have two options currently, you can either order from the room service menu or from the takeaway menu which offers much more selections. GHA Black members currently enjoy 15% off across the hotel while everyone also gets 15% off the takeaway menu. Do note that you can’t stack the discounts. Here are some snippets from the menu or you can also check out here for the menu





A little tip for in-house guests, the hotel can plate your orders from the takeaway menu exactly like it is from the restaurants. They will delivered the food to your room in proper plates and cutleries. With the more diverse menu selection, I see no reason why you should order from the room service menu. My food arrived right on the dot and the staff was on hand to set up the table. Everything was nicely plated. I’m surely taking advantage of this Heightened Alert period to enjoy fine dining while in my PJs. This is life! We got the Zuppa di Funghi from La Scala costing 15 SGD. The mushroom soup comes with a hint of cream and crispy croutons. The soup was actually pretty good but it was rather cold when served. That’s a stark contrast to the other dishes we ordered. For this reason, I will not recommend the dish. They should have placed the soup in a container or tumbler and only served it tableside. That will be a plus and very impressive in my opinion for room service. The meal was served with a side of bread rolls which were soft and warm. 


We also got the Tagliolini Di Mare. A tomato-based seafood pasta. The dish cost 29 SGD. It was a generous portion and came full of ingredients. I love the fresh seafood and the flavours were really infused into the noodles. The noodles do get a little lumpy when it arrives but that was a little oversight on my end. I should not have order pasta given that it isn’t a conducive dish for room service. I will definitely recommend the dish if you are dining in the restaurant. 


I was interested in trying numerous dishes from 15 Stamford but in the end, we decided to order the Bangalow Sweet Pork Rack. This is my favourite dish of the evening. It cost 44 SGD. While pricy, it is absolutely worth it! The pork chop was thick and juicy. It is cooked to perfection with nicely seared marks on the outside. You can really the quality of the pork here. I love the selection of the cut, the little fat cap on the top adds up lots of flavours and moist to the meat. I will recommend everyone to order this. Another highlight of the dish was the sesame ginger sauce which goes so well with the meat. I simply mopped off all of the sauce with the pork. The sauce also somehow reminds me of the ginger sauce that we have with boiled chicken from Soup Restaurant. 


Last but not least, we had the Kuhibarra Barramundi. The dish was a generous portion and cost 34 SGD. I am impressed that the skin is still kept crispy despite being served to the room. The fish was perfectly cooked and well seasoned. It was hot, flaky and had crispy skin! What more could you ask for! A must-order here!


In my opinion, the 15 Stamford dishes certainly do not disappoints and they are better than the ones from La Scala. I love the fusion between the Asian and Western flavours. I had a very satisfying dinner. The meal comes to about 145 SGD nicely covered by the credit and the 15% discount with a slight top up. Even without the credit, I will say it to be a deal! The food was really good quality. I will definitely recommend everyone to dine at 15 Stamford. I am looking to head back once dining in is possible once again. 


Breakfast is currently served from 6.30am to 10.30am and it will be served via room service while dining in is not allowed. You will be given a paper menu during check-in and you can choose anything you like for breakfast to be served to your room at your preferred timing. 

Here is a copy of the breakfast menu. While it might not be apparent to you, the menu is exactly the same as the one in the restaurant previous. Looking to mix your juice? Prosecco? Truffle Honey? White Chocolate Spread? Just write it down under special requests. 



My breakfast arrives right on the dot at 9.30am the set up was very classy and look at it. This is a breakfast fit for a king! Hands down the best hotel breakfast I have ever had! 


I will let the pictures do the rest of the speaking. Everything was delicious and freshly prepped. I love that everything came covered which is key these days! I ordered the Breakfast Plate, Scrambled Eggs, Bakery Basket, Kaya Toast, Nasi Lemak, Pancakes……







My favourite and the highlight here goes to the Steak and Eggs. The truffle honey and white chocolate spread is also a personal favourite. Nothing is better than having glasses of freshly squeezed juice and that truffle honey while in your bathrobe. I might just prefer breakfast to stay this way! I love the White Chocolate Spread so much that I bought a couple of jars back home. They are rather pricey but decent since you get 15% off. 




Capitol never disappoints it is even sweeter with the awesome rate that I got. While it isn’t ideal to stay during the Heightened Alert period where dining out is not allowed I still had an awesome experience. I’m glad to be able to try out and review another room category here. I will certainly be back. 

Seeing The World In Steps stayed in Mid June 2021 during Phase 2 (Heightened Alert)