This is not going to be a long review but just a recap of the SilverKris Business Class Lounge in Terminal 2 that recently reopened after the lull period during the pandemic. I would love to see how things are now and if SQ has done anything to change it. With the newly refreshed flagship product at T3, I am hoping that they have kept it in line with the style and concept too. After all, this is the lounge to stay till SQ merges into a single terminal operation or the future T5. I will not do an in-depth review of the place but rather just share some pictures and share briefly since I was there for a short while. You can check out the review I did a couple of years ago. Here is also my review of the flagship SilverKris Lounge in Terminal 3. I cover it when it first open back about a year plus ago. I will be doing an updated review of the place soon during my upcoming trip. Do stay tuned for that.

Access Requirements

There are two main tiers of lounges in Singapore. The KrisFlyer Gold Lounge for Krisflyer Gold and Star Alliance Gold members flying in Economy Class. Premium passengers as well as PPS Club members are invited to the SilverKris Lounge instead. You will then be able to access either the Business Class Lounge, First Class Lounge or The Private Room. PPS Solitaire members are invited to the First Class lounge. The Private Room is reserved exclusively for passengers flying in First Class / Suites on Singapore Airlines metal only. Star Alliance First Class pax are ushered to the First Class lounge instead. Arriving passengers from a Singapore Airlines First Class, Suites or PPS Solitaire passengers can also access the facility. This means that this lounge is usually only used by Star Alliance First Class Passengers and PPS Solitaire members. As of this moment, only Lufthansa and Swiss Air offer First Class out of Singapore.

Arrival & Location

The opening timings are almost the same as the lounges in Terminal 3. The Business Class lounge is open 24 hours while the first class lounge is open from 5am to 1am daily. You can find the lounge towards the left after clearing immigration. It is located side by side with the Krisflyer Gold Lounge in the same location as previously. If making the trek from Terminal 3, it takes around a good 15 mins walk in addition to the Skytrain.

Singapore Airlines SilverKris Business Class Lounge Terminal 2

The lounge feels like it is the same at all. There is no change nor is there any update at all. Here are some pictures of the lounge.

Food & Drinks

The dining area takes up the majority of the space in the lounge and you can find typical dining tables in the area. This is the only thing that is the same as the flagship lounge in terminal 3. The refreshments are more or less the same, although there isn’t any live station here.

There is also no bar and freshly made coffee by a barista here.


It is a little disappointing to see that everything remains largely the same as it is before COVID. With the travel demand and SQ operating back at pre-COVID levels now this lounge is very much needed to help with the crowd. Sadly, this is an inferior product, especially when you are comparing it to the flagship product in Terminal 3. Considering that this will be the product to stay for the next decade or so at the very least. I can’t help but feel that SQ miss out on a huge opportunity to touch up the place. If you have more time to spare or a long layover, T3 should be your first choice. This will be good for a quick bit and rest if you are flying out from T2 where time is not on your side. I am not looking forward to using this product for the next 10 years!