I was spending the rest of my time in Spain in the South of the country and will be doing a road trip down the coast along the Costa del Sol! This is one of the highlights of my trip! I will be doing 2 nights in Seville and then collecting the rental car to drive all the way down to Barcelona, the last stop of my trip. I will be passing by some small towns and the main few cities like Malaga, Alicante and Valencia. The best way to get down to Seville from Bilbao will be flying Vueling and again the ungodly hour flight works best for me! Similar to my thoughts on the way in, the Bilbao airport is pretty gorgeous and new. There was barely any traffic at this hour and we got an Uber to the airport. It took around 15 mins and cost 16 Euros.

Booking Process & Checking In

We got the package with baggage since we require to check a bag. The flight was rather expensive for a budget air ticket and we paid around 204 SGD per person. This is a lot more than I would like to but it offers the best direct flight. This will be my first time flying on Vueling and weirdly I realised that straight after booking you can check in immediately and get your boarding. I was at the airport around 5am since the check-in counter opened 2 hours before my flight at 7.30am. I am afraid of another Ryanair incident and went to cater some additional time. The Check-in counter was already open and it was smooth and fast. Vueling might just be my go-to budget airline for now. It was so smooth that I still had to wait at security since they are only open at 5.15pm. Security was a hassle though.

Vueling VY2512 A320 BIO – SVQ Review

Boarding started on time and is separated into various groups. It’s rather smooth and I was one of the last group to board. The only bad side is that our aircraft was parked at a stand and we had to board via a bus. I am not a fan of these, especially in the cold and having to lug your bags up the stairs. You do get an amazing tarmac view.

Vueling uses an A320 in a 3-3 configuration, just like how it is on intra Europe flights. We are lucky to get a row all to ourselves. The flight is probably 75% full. Leg space is decent for an hour flight and the crew looks chic in their uniform.

I am happy to see that the seats come with an air nozzle. During that period in time, I always turn the air nozzle to the max for more airflow. Sadly, the seats can’t be reclined.

We depart right on time. The views on taking off were amazing as we get to see the sunrise as the sky brightens up. It is a simple flight and fussless. I am happy to get in right on track into Seville. In fact, all my flights this year are pretty good, perhaps it is just how sucky Ryanair is. We arrived on time but yet on another stand.


It was a good flight, short but sweet and a comfortable way to get into Seville. While the flight timing isn’t ideal given how early it departs but I was treated to an amazing sunrise on the way there over the Iberian Coast. The flight was no frills but that is as good as Intra-Europe flights get. All I need is a normal flight with no delays and to avoid another Ryanair incident where I still had PTSD till now and it always comes back when I am doing budget airlines in Europe.