After an amazing 4 days in Bilbao it is time for us to fly to Seville to continue the next part of our Spain Journey. I have no idea why but we got ourselves in another of those god forsaken hours flight again and we practically check out at 3am to head to the airport. This is when a lounge will come in handy as after getting all the stressful part over such as check in and security done, you will come down and get some food or at least a bite. With lounge access you are able to have a seat, get some food and drinks. You will also not have to pay those overpriced prices in the airport. This is why I value lounge access.

Access Requirements

The Sala VIP Lounge Bilbao is open daily from 5.30am to 10.15pm in the evening. It has a shorter operating hour on Sat where it close at 8.30pm. As far as I know, this is the only lounge in the airport and practically all the airlines use it for their premium customers. You can also access this lounge via lounge program membership like Priority Pass. I have an unlimited Priority Pass thru my Citi Prestige Credit Card and that is how I managed to access the lounge. A normal entrance will cost 32 USD. There was no wait at the entrance and I was admitted entrance after showing my card and boarding pass. I was right there when it first open.

Arrival & Location

The lounge is located airside and on level 2 by the boarding area. It is a short walk away from the immigration and it is one level above the main terminal. Simply turn left after passing immigration and head up the escalator. The exterior was pretty nice and looked classy. This should be useful for most travellers and Priority Pass are easy to get be it overseas or from credit cards in Singapore. I don’t see why you should be paying for entrance here.

Sala VIP Lounge Bilbao Airport

The lounge was decent and pretty spacious, at least before the crowd gets in. It is mainly in a rectangular configuration and you can find typical lounge couches as well as some high top seating. They are comfortable.

I love how the seats are spacious spaced out and they have also even installed some screens in between the seats during this pandemic environment. This makes it more private and comfortable to rest on. Here are some pictures of the seating. 

The lounge also have its own toilet which is very much welcomed.

The refreshments are located near the entrance and the first half of the lounge. While it is stated on the Priority Pass website that table service will be offered rather than buffet. It is an all help yourself to everything style here when I visited in December. You have some pastries, sandwiches, yogurt and cold cuts. Pretty good selection for a light breakfast. Pastries are really good and flaky. I love their croissant! You don’t have to provide expensive and fancy items but at the very least you have to get the basics right.  

The drinks offerings is rather impressive. There are all sorts of drinks that you can imagine from soft drinks, coffee to juices and even alcoholic selection. I appreciate that they have bottled water available and like 5 to 6 different types of juices. 

Alcoholic options wise you can find some beers, wines and spirits. Decent. The food and drinks options exceeded my expectations. Heck, even the orange juice was better than the one at Hilton Lisbon! The place does get filled up later on! 


I appreciate having a space to wait for my flight and perhaps if you like, a drink or two while waiting. This lounge is decent, as far as contract lounge goes. One of the better contract lounge that I have been to! It is worth getting in at least for breakfast or a quick bite before your flight. The lounge have decent drinks and snacks options. It is also rather comfortable. Worth it for a super early flight like mine! Next up a flight review of Vueling! The first time that I am flying them.