Seeing The World In Steps is finally back onboard Singapore Airlines! It’s been way too long! Kind of unbelievable that it has been 651 days since I last flew. I miss Singapore Airlines way too much! I was actually supposed to fly to Istanbul using an existing ticket that I hold, although a change in COVID entry requirement means that I can’t fly to Istanbul if I would like to continue with my planned itinerary. Thankfully and surprisingly, First Saver tickets to Frankfurt were wide open for the last week of Nov. With that here I come, Singapore Airlines First Class from Singapore to Frankfurt. I was also kinda excited to experience and try out the long haul first class seats, one of the Singapore Airlines products that has been missing from my list. I did previously try out their Suites and the regional first class. But this will be my first time flying this product. Check out my flight experience. 


Checking In

I arrived at Changi Airport Terminal 3 at around 8am around 3 hours ahead of boarding, way in advance of my flight departing at 1255. I arrived early to check out the brand new Silverkris Lounge which has just recently opened. At the point of my departure, the first class check in terminal is still closed and all PPS Solitaire and First Class passengers are invited to the dedicated check in counters at row 6. Check in was awfully crowded and full even at this hour. There was a queue for business class and thankfully only one group was ahead of me. There is really a hint of excitement and I will even say, spring in my steps after being grounded for so long. The family ahead of me was really happy as well and we had a little chat too. Check in was smooth and quick with only the extra steps being showing your COVID Vaccination cert to the staff. Do note that you are unable to show just your trace together app but rather you need to show the notarise copy one from healthhub.


Boarding Process 

Boarding started around 1225 and I was the first to board the plane! I certainly jump on the bandwagon to get some amazing pictures of the empty plane cabin. Sadly to say, I am not the only passenger in First Class since there is a last min booking. Long haul First Class is an intimate affair onboard the 777 aircraft. There are only 4 seats in First in a 1-2-1 configuration. This does mean that each of us will have 2 seats each. It is a rather light load today with only 70 passengers onboard. 2 in First Class, 30 in Business and 38 in Premium Economy and Economy. The 777-300ER is in a 4 class configuration with 4 First Class Seats, 48 Business Class Seats, 28 Premium Economy Seats and 184 Economy Class Seats. Check out some pictures of the other class cabins. 




I was politely welcomed by Cheryl who is a gem! She offered to hang up my jacket and gave me a brief tour and introduction of the cabin. I had a lovely chat with her as well. Of course, she helped me with some nice photos.


Soon, Cheryl came back with loads of amenities and it certainly felt like Christmas when you are onboard Singapore Airlines First Class. You are provided with pajamas from Lalique, one of my favourite and my constant go-to sleepwear even at home. You are also offered slippers, Bose noise-cancelling headphones as well as an Amenity Kit! Given the current climate, a care kit consisting of some masks and hand sanitiser is provided as well. Together with the current new offering, I also got a look at the brand new SQ amenity kit for Business Class passengers from Penhaligon’s. The First Class amenity kit consists of a lip balm, body lotion, facial mist and an eau de toilette. I love the Lalique products.


The Business Class amenity kit from Penhaligon’s consists of a facial mist, hand lotion and a lip balm. Including in the kit, you can also find a redemption coupon where you can get some Penhaligon’s products from their boutiques.


I love that the crew took the initiative to reserve a dedicated toilet just for my use during the flight. This is crucial and awesome, especially when you are flying in this era. It is of course doable from given that there is only 2 pax in First. When flying on Singapore Airlines, you are of course offered a welcome drink with the iconic Krug or Dom from the crew. Although, iconically, this time around only the Dom Perignon and Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs is being loaded. I can’t put it in words how happy I am to hear the welcomed onboard message by the crew and the flight deck! It’s been way too long!


Singapore Airlines Long Haul First Class

While the hard product isn’t cutting edge or anything anymore, it is still one of the best and the most spacious first class seat in the world. The product was launched back in 2006 and at 35 inches wide, at that point in time, it was the largest fully flatbed seat in the sky. It still holds its ground and got a refresh a couple of years ago. It is still one that you will be pleased with. The cabin is in a 1-2-1 configuration and the middle seats are best for those travelling with their partners. This product is only available on the 777 aircraft. Here you can find some pictures of the seats. 





The lack of overhead compartments in the cabin also makes it look even more spacious and less claustrophobic. Carry on bags can be left on the ground infront of you. It is definitely spacious for any carry on. 


The seat also comes with a huge high definitely TV and this complements Singapore Airlines onboard Inflight Entertainment System, Krisworld, one of the best in the sky with tons of entertainment. 



There are various compartments that you can use to store smaller items throughout the flight. You can also find an international power socket and an USB charger outlet.



The seat controls are located to the right and are intuitive.


One bad aspect of the older seats in Singapore Airlines are the bed mode, the seats can’t be reclined directly to convert it into a bed but rather you will have to get up and flip the seat over to convert it into the bed mode. Thankfully, the lovely Singapore Airlines crew are always on hand to provide assistance. The bedding is super comfy, pillows were plush and the sheets were smooth. I had an awesome rest and a good quality 3 hours nap which was just the right amount of time!  



As mentioned earlier, the crew and dedicated and assign a bathroom for each of the first class passengers since there is only 2 of us on board. While it isn’t the amazing A380 toilet that you can literally do yoga inside, the bathroom is still pretty good, especially when you have a dedicated one for yourself. You can find some extra amenities inside such as toothbrushes or shavers. Lalique amenities are offered inside too and the facial mist was a lifesaver!



Meal Service

After take-off drinks was served shortly after the seatbelt sign is turned off and the flight levelling off. I got myself a SilverKris Sling! It was so good. I have been craving this for the longest time ever! 


The views were amazing! This is one good point about doing a day flight.


Cheryl immediately offered me the canapes and of course, it got to be Singapore Airlines signature Satay! This kickstarts the meal service.


I did a little champagne tasting on board to find my drink for the day between the Dom and the Taittinger and surprisingly I very much prefer the latter! 


You can check out the inflight menu for my flight here. There is a good collection of wines and spirits offered onboard. Due to COVID, printed menus are no longer being provided which is a shame, as much as how convenient the menus are. I really do miss having a copy of the food and drinks options just beisde me which is a lot easier to refer to. Hopefully, the leather menus return soon.

First class menu 1First class menu 2First class menu 3

Below is the drinks menu and wine list.

First class menu 4First class menu 5First class menu 6First class menu 7First class menu 8First class menu 9

Next up I got the caviar as my starter. The Malossol Caviar was served with melba toast and an assortment of condiments. Alongside, you can find a mother of pearl spoon which is the only right way you should treat caviar with. Have a huge spoonful of it and press gently the caviar against the top of your mouth with your tongue. Then wash it all down with a flute of the Taittinger. That is life! The presentation was on point and I think right now they even give out a whole can of caviar when compared to the past. Not the most perfect pairing, but I had some garlic bread to go with it, which is my go-to choice onboard Singapore Airlines. 


For my main, I ordered via Book The Cook and got the Lobster Thermidor. This is one of my favourite dishes onboard the carrier and it could be a mixed bag. Sometimes it is good while sometimes you are just regretting your choice. It is always better when flying out of Singapore. Thankfully it didn’t disappoint this time around. I had the meal with a glass of the tasty Burgundy! The Latricieres Chambertin Grand Cru was delicious! 


I end the meal with a tasty cheese plate before having a good nap. I was stuffed at this moment in time and only had the soft cheese which I love. 


I woke up when we are  flying over Saudi Arabia and I got greeted with this awesome view. Cheryl came by to offer a drink and I got myself a blue mountain coffee and the dessert from earlier for a snack.


There is always time for some extra ice cream too!


The amazing views outside the window are the best accompaniment that I could ask for. Desserts items are never SQ forte, even in First but the Raspberry Cream Cake was rather tasty. 



The flight surprising felt really long! It’s been a long time since I flew this distance and thankfully Wifi was available which was a blessing. First Class guests enjoy unlimited wifi onboard. The speed was pretty good and I had no issue streaming videos or using Instagram. 

A light dinner was served roughly around 2 hours before landing and by light, it is still a 3-course meal. I start with the Prawns on Nicoise Salad which was really good. The prawns were jumbo and fresh. They even had a char to it even though it is a cold dish. 


For my mains, I got the steak from the Book The Cook menu. As far as onboard steak goes, this was really good. There is even still a hint of pink in the middle. I am full to the point of puking but still decided to eat seeing that I had a long journey ahead of me after landing and will only be checking in close to midnight at my final destination. The steak is really good and I will definitely recommend everyone to order this! 



Soon enough it was about time to land in Frankfurt! 13 hours sure went by in a blink of an eye. It was super sad that the flight went by in such a short time. This is the only time where I will always wish for my flight to be delayed! So sad to bid farewell to Cheryl and the delightful set of crew. The IFM also came by to bid farewell and we have a short chat about travelling. Lastly, Cheryl came by and offer me a bag of goodies for my journey ahead and I even got the boarding pass signed by the crew. It is a super nice touch from the 15 of them and what a special memento for this special occasion. My first ever flight in the COVID Era! Singapore Airlines or Cheryl, always a great way to fly!