Finally it is time for me to share on my journey onboard Singapore Airlines Suites from Zurich to Singapore. This is also how I am getting back home after spending close to 2 months overseas in Europe. As amazing as it is being overseas I still do get a little homesick after so long. I was actually suppose to fly back on J class although amazingly my waitlist for a saver suites clear. In the end, I spent 125,000 miles as well as 82.80 SGD in taxes to get back home to Singapore. It is the perfect way for me to wind down the trip, trying out a new product that I have always been looking forward. Given that there are only 6 seats onboard the new cabin, it is always a challenge to be able to snag a redemption ticket. The new suites are only available in the London, Zurich, Tokyo, Mumbai, Shanghai, Sydney and Hong Kong market as of writing. It is definitely one of the most amazing way to get back to Singapore from Asia.



I was up bright and early, a little eager to get home but mostly due to the new suites. I even skip the breakfast at the hotel to fully enjoy the amazing service that I will have onboard later on. Coming from Hilton Zurich Airport, I got to the airport in less than 5 mins and from the drop off point it is a short walk up to Check In Area 1, which SQ uses in Zurich Flughafen. I wanted to maximise the time I had in the airport seeing that I am going to check out the lounges in Zurich. I was there just as check in was starting. There is even a queue already in Economy, thankfully there is no one in First and I am the first in line. I was personalised welcomed by the manager which seems to be a singaporean and informed that check in would start shortly. Soon I was handled the golden ticket as it is on Suites. Such a lovely sight. It is smooth and they even help place a bag over my check in baggage. None of that “i am not suppose to help you” bullshit as seen otherwise in Europe.

Ground service is always a major flaw in Singapore Airlines, no escort, no transfer. Thankfully security and immigration is smooth, furthermore there is a priority queue for premium customers which is greatly appreciated. Zurich Flughafen is definitely beautiful, from the terminal to the amazing train that plays sounds of Swiss Cows while transfering you between terminals. I went to check out both the Senator Lounge and Business Class lounge in the previous post so do check them out. Boarding started a little late and there was a slight wait, although the staff kept me informed and there was clear signage in the boarding process. Given that I was in Suites, I was the first to board and I am do glad to be able to get good pictures of the cabin. i felt like a kid given that it is the first time that I am trying this product.

I was welcomed onboard by the leading crews and ushered to my seat. The new suites come in a cabin of 6, in a 1-1 configuration. It is definitely the most spacious and private one out there in the industry. Row 1 is also the most spacious seat out of the 3 rows. I can immediately tell that I have an amazing set of crew, given the greetings. In addition to the gallery who I had a brief chat with over diving into Lake Zurich as well as Dom Perignon, Lienn also came by to say hi as well as the Chief and IFM. Although I have to say that everyone is perfect besides the IFM, he is definitely one of the most hands off one I have seen. From hello on the ground in Zurich, I have not seen him ever again. I’m also so happy to see that the seat 2F, the one next to me is empty and reserved for me.

I was helped with my bags and my jacket was hang as well. Something that you can always expect on when onboard SQ. I had an awesome chat with the crew over the new product and how we all went crazy with the awesome toilet in this brand new A380. It was the most spacious space that I have ever seen as well as the most glamourous one. Although I do have to say that they could have done so much more with it such as having a shower? Hello, Emirates and Etihad! Without saying, they gladly help me with plenty of pictures. Thanks Lienn, my favourite leading of all time, I am so lucky to be on your flight.

Dom or Krug was one heard again from Lienn! Such arrogance that you will only encounter on Singapore Airlines. To be able to serve up two outstanding fine Champagne. Of course, I had to seize the opportunity to undertake a tasting between the two. Surprisingly no snacks was served together.

The new suites cabin sort of throw us back to the 747 days onboard Lufthansa, where the seat and the bed are two separate thing. The finishes were classy and in a modern greyish finish. Privacy is at a 100% since you have your own little cabin. I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

There are lots of storage space for you to place your stuff and use as well. It is definitely not lacking in your suites. Very spacious and comfortable space. You have a large table top after entering your suite. This is also where the table come out from.

View of your partner if you have one. Seats in Row 1 and 2 can be opened up and combined into one double suite. Good for couples and lounging. Or for the forever alone me. I just had double the space.

Let me just say how impressed I am with the seats, it is so spacious and there is so much space to place your stuff. In a stark contrast to what others have said about the seat I find it to be rather comfortable. It is well designed to maximise storage which might be rather important given the lack of overhead bins over here. However you do have a little wardrobe where you can hang your jackets as well as place your carry on.

All in all, I think the seats are alright, I will share more about the bed late on since it is a totally separate thing. I also love that you have two screens in your suites, one on the wall and another on the bedside. Full coverage. Everything is perfect! I do want to point out some of the flaws that I felt. Leg space is alright when facing the front.

While the seats can be rotated to face the window for that sick view, legroom is so bad that my leg could barely fit when the seat is facing the window.

Furthermore during service, the doors will usually be left open which result in awkward eye contact with your neighbours opposite since it is almost directly opposite. Not dining together but close eye contact. Lastly the seats also do not really encourage couple dining like the old suites!

Throughout the boarding process, Lienn turn out to be the most gorgeous santa ever when I was presented with the pajamas, amenity kit as well as the menu. Definitely never a dull moment.

Singapore Airlines also refreshed their amenity kit nowadays where they partner with Lalique which is a change from the previous Ferragamo one. From outstation, they only give out unisex kits. It is quite a nice set where you can find lip balm, body lotion, soap and a scented candle. Well, I am unsure what does that candle does onboard. Sadly there is no more full size cologne which used to be a major highlight previously. Honestly, I definitely miss the old ferragamo kit.

Here are the menus for the flight if anyone is interested! Zurich is also a city where Book The Cook option is available and no doubt it is the Lobster Thermidor for me!

Drinks menu are awesome as well with the two finest champagne that you can find on the list. Lined up with other premium labels such as Macallan and Blue Label, your options are unlimited.

After take off drinks was taken and I was also asked if I would like to have satay as well! Hit me up anyday, especially after not having local food for so long. I would kill for SQ speciality satay anytime. Singapore airlines is currently serving up the 2004 Krug which is even more special and awesome than the normal Krug Grand Cuvee! This is a bottle of champagne that retails for close to 400SGD. Immediately after leveling off I was served the welcome drink and I continue with champagne. Service soon started. With only 5 pax in suites, service is definitely very attentive. Lienn came over to take my order for the flight.

The table was soon set and as part of the new refurnished cabins, SQ have also improve on their soft product and tied up with La Lalique for lots of the amenities that they use now, from the sheetings to amenity kit as well as their dining ware. What a nice presentation.

I got the caviar to start and definitely a bottle of Krug to go with. The caviar came with all the sides such as diced eggs, shallots as well as sour cream. They were fresh and delicious, bustling roes wash down with champagne, it is a feeling for anyday. However this definitely not as awesome as the one onboard Cathay First where both the presentation and portion beats SQ handsdown. Between Krug and Dom, the nuttiness of Krug definitely gets my liking more. Again, where else could you do such a tasting!

Second course was a soup, SQ is also one of the more consistent ones to serve a soup course onboard. I went for the Oriental Clear Chicken Soup with came with bamboo pith and wolfberries. It is tasty and delicious, just like how I have it at home. I got to say, I am a little bias towards asian food at this moment! Just a tat too salty. A bread basket also came by with all sorts of different selection. Again, my fav is the SQ garlic bread which is perfecto!

Next up is salad. It was described to be a Baby Spinach Arugula, Green Frisee salad with dried cranberries, goat cheese as well as caramelized hazelnuts. i have to say that the portion is definitely very generous. It is alright, nothing too amazing or spectacular, perhaps even the most disappointing aspect of the whole meal. The combinations of the nuts and the dressing is on point.

Then for my main, I had the lobster thermidor which I order thru Book The
Cook. Despite being reheated onboard, the lobster was still juicy, succulent and not dried out. As is the almond rice which is delicious. Definitely a fresh one caught for me. It is always on point when I order the lobster onboard. One of my most favourite meal of all time.

Lienn then recommended me the Pistachio Moelleux Cake which came with strawberry compote as well as ice cream. I also had a glass of the 2006 French red to accompany it. Dessert was much better than expected, I have always feel that it is one of the aspect lacking on SQ and much could be done to it. In fairness, dessert is always underwhelming onboard, SQ or CX they are the same.

Finally we finish off with some chocolates as well as a hot towel to freshen up. I was still lazing around and caught a movie which is awesome on the super huge TV. This got to be at least 32 inch. Quality is good and needless to say the well known Krisworld system. Thanks lienn for plenty of pictures.

In the meanwhile, the crew made up the bed for me and I was lucky enough to score a double bed which is so spacious. I had such a lovely rest and the whole suitessssss was so spacious and huge when 2 is combined together. Definitely I got some pictures. the bed is really comfortable and huge. One of the most spacious ever. While lots of people complaint that it is kind of too hard, it is just right for me since I am a person that prefer harder surface. Surprisingly given that it is only in the afternoon in Zurich time, I couldn’t sleep and went about on a nice chat with the crew as well as a lap around the aircraft which I usually do to work out the food I ate. Surprisingly all the crew know my name, even in Economy. Wifi is also available onboard and now, Suites passengers get unlimited free wifi. I am certainly enjoy it. Time pass so much faster, 12 hours is seemingly too short. The speed is pretty fast and now it is a dilemma between work or lounging hahaha!

I got a little peckish after a couple hours and want to have some snack, since I could not sleep, why not! To be honest, SQ snacks offerings is a little shabby in comparison to Cathay! I had some wanton noodles from the main menu since it is still available and Asian food is dope! Pairing it with a glass of blue label, marvellous!

Surprisingly time past so fast and before I know it I’m already like 2 hours out of Singapore! I still can’t believe that I didn’t sleep for a wink onboard. Breakfast started with a hot towel and I was offered a glass of orange juice. My go to drink onboard SQ is a freshly brewed Blue Mountain Double Espresso to kickstart everything.

It was delicious and great to “start” the day. First course is a fruit plate which comprise of strawberries, blueberry, dragon fruit and orange. I also had a selection from the bread basket as well. Everything was delicious and taste fresh! I ordered the Swiss Rosti with Balik Salmon to go for my breakfast. It is alright and pretty delicious, the salmon was fresh and the rosti was also a tat crispy, something really commentable.

Cabin was prep around 40 mins before landing and we landed early in Terminal 3, what a bad way. HEHE I wish the flight would delay as long as I want. There goes 12 hours in a blink of an eye. I bid farewell to the dearest Lienn and sadly say goodbye to the awesome suites as well. It is time to get home! Conclusion! I was impressed with the new suites and mostly everything is so much better than the old ones with the exception of the amenity kit, unable to dine in bed, certain slight seat issues. I still can’t deny that SQ is still the best! The flair the poise, from hard product to the crew. Lian was a very good example of IT! This is definitely a great way to fly.


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