Continuing on my travel adventures, this time around I am in a little small town called Orchard, roughly 30 mins away by train from where I lived. For my two day one night trip, I decided to book the YOTEL Singapore. I found a decent rate over the weekend and the location is lovely too. You have easy access to the MRT Station via sheltered walkways and tons of malls full of F&B options to choose from. YOTEL Singapore is a solid 4-Star hotel just beside Shaw Centre and it offers cosy accommodation known as cabins. Property space isn’t their strongest suit but the rooms are alright for a couple or solo travellers for short stays. With that, follow me on and check out my 22nd unique property in Singapore. 

Booking Process & Pre Arrival 

Traveloka frequently runs sales for various hotel nowadays and these are usually available for a limited time on their Telegram Channel. I managed to grab a deal at YOTEL Singapore in the Premium Queen Cabin, their base level room for just 108 SGD Nett. It is even sweeter that this is for a weekend stay. Moreover, there is a 30 dollars promo code to apply. That brings down the daily rate to 78 SGD Nett. A super sweet rate for a weekend getaway. I have been wanting to check it out for a long time. The hotel is just next to Shaw Centre and Shaw House in the heart of Orchard. It is easily accessible via MRT and parking is also available at the hotel. The hotel does not provide parking for in-house guests and one-time exit parking coupon cost 21.40 SGD. This can be bought via the check-in counter. YOTEL Singapore has a total of 604 rooms spread across 7 categories. It is a rather huge property. All rooms and suites here do not have a bathtub. If that is a factor this is the place for you. Rooms are mainly 14 Sqm in size and differ in being on a higher floor, boosting a better view. There is also a couple of larger suites.

RoomsBathtubSizeNo. of Rooms
Premium QueenNo14 Sqm274
Premium Queen View No14 Sqm138
Premium Queen with BunkNo14 Sqm120
Premium Queen View with BunkNo14 Sqm51
First Class QueenNo16 Sqm13
First Class King Junior SuiteNo37 Sqm7
VIP King Suite ViewNo74 Sqm1

Checking In

Early check-in was guaranteed at 11am. This is definitely nice given that it is on a weekend. I arrive shortly around that time and it is still rather quiet at this time. I was immediately helped to and there is no wait. Check-in was fast and efficient. I was also informed of the service changes and details on reserving the hotel facilities. They also very nicely upgraded my room to one on a higher floor with a view. The check out timing has been extended to 5pm as well.

The lobby area was rather lovely and I love the entrance area. The whole vibes kinda remind me a little of the Aloft brand. The main hotel lobby is located on level 2. There is also a sheltered walkway on the left to International Plaza, Shaw Centre and the MRT station. The hotel restaurant, pool and gym can be found on level 10. 

Premium Queen View Cabin

I was upgraded to a Premium Queen View room or cabin as they called it here. It is the same room as the base level one which I have booked, but instead located on a higher floor where the cabin comes with a view. I was assigned a room on level 27, room 2715. The room faces the Paterson Road direction and offers a view of the quaint Orchard residential area. The cabin is small, coming at a cosy 14 Sqm, you can see the entire room in one look! I do find the place nicely appropriated. 

While this is not the newest hotel in town I do have to say that the upkeep was good. The hard product and finishes in the room still look fresh and new. It is mainly in a squarish configuration. The high ceilings definitely help in making the room less claustrophobic. Immediately upon entering you can see the bed in the middle. I am a huge fan of YOTEL beds and love their mattress and pillows. It is rare to find such quality beddings in non-luxury hotels. I can say that some 5-Star hotels brand names do not offer beddings as good as YOTEL. They use a special gel memory foam mattress which awesome back support. You can also adjust the top half portion of the bed up and down. Something like aircraft seats where you can make it into a lazing position or a fully flat surface for sleeping! It does make quite a scene when you are adjusting, so do make sure to get it done before your partner snooze off. 

The Smart TV is of a good size and high quality! You can find it mounted on the wall directly facing the bed and there are tons of Cable TV Channels available. For the sports fans, you will be glad to find that both Mio Sports and Fox Sports channels are available. Besides that, you can also easily cast your phone and even connect via Bluetooth to play music thru the TV. I love the set-up here.

They even have an accessible HDMI port installed by the side of the bed making it easy to connect your laptop. This is something that I can’t comprehend how a lot of luxury hotels will miss out on. I love the design here and you can find little quirks that they have to save space. You can find racks and storage are located behind panels that can be pop out by the side of the TV. 

For example some little hooks for jackets. A flip-out table or panel for placing some lightweight items. You can even find an ironing kit and an umbrella hidden behind the pop-out panels. This is how it looks like when fully opened. 

On the left of the bed, this is where you can find the minibar area which acts as a bedside table too. A kettle alongside some disposable cups is provided. Nothing fancy here besides some packaged teas and instant coffee. You can also find a fold-up seat and a mini-fridge below. The fridge is kept empty for your convenience. I love that outlets can be in reach from the bed. The wifi was fast in the room and there is no issue streaming high-quality shows. There is even a safe here. 

In the corner of the room, you can find an open rack that acts as the wardrobe. A couple of hangers are provided and you have a little “cosy” luggage rack built in below. It nicely snuggles my cabin size suitcase.  Bath slippers are provided and left here.  

The bathroom is located towards the far end of the room and in fact it is the bathroom that comes with a view rather than the room itself. Similar to the layout in Hotel G and M Social the basin is located outside of the bathroom and in the room itself. Dental kits are provided and toiletries are from Urban Skincare Co which were provided in dispenser bottles! They were high quality and a good offering YOTEL. Although common dispenser bottles do have their hygiene concerns in this era. 

Speak about showering with a view! The highlight of the room is definitely the bathroom and showering space which was very healthy. Behind a frosted glass door, you can find floor to ceilings windows spanning the view of the orchard enclave. The standing shower comes with both a rainforest shower and a handheld shower head. For those requiring more privacy, they have blinds here too.

The water pressure and temperature control were excellent and I really enjoy the rainforest shower where the water cascade down like a waterfall from the high ceillings. The toiletries from Urban Skincare Co were great and had a pleasant scent.


Their swimming pool and gym are both in operation. However, advanced booking is required and this is only possible after checking in. Usage will be kept to 1 hour per booking. In line with the current government regulations, the gym can only be able to accommodate 5 people at a time. I managed to check out the gym. While it looks bright and nicely appointed, the place was rather small. Even limited at 5 pax, the place looks way too small for that. Bottled water are provided here.  


The swimming pool is located on level 10 as well, just beside their signature restaurant Komyuniti. Similarly, the swimming pool has a capacity cap of 8. I had made a reservation to check out the pool but it was too small to be comfortable. The pool gets crowded easily and even with reservations all of the sunbeds are taken up. The pool is a narrow body of water. No food and water are allowed by the pool as well. Skip it! 


78 Bucks for this, a solid 4-Star hotel in the orchard is a very good rate. Although property space is a precious commodity here. Expect NYC kind of rooms. This is a solid deal for the weekends as well. My partner and I conclude that among its competitors that I have stayed in such as Hotel G and M Social, YOTEL Singapore come out top. It somehow gave me a feeling of living in an expensive studio apartment in Orchard or perhaps Manhattan if you put in some imagination. The room was lovely and well maintained. I won’t mind coming back given this price point to try out some of the other rooms here especially the First Class King Suite. Next up, back to my favourite Shangri-La Valley Wing! I might not review that given it is already my 4th visit.