The famous setting of the movie In Bruges lies in Bruges, Belgium. An idyllic medieval city that lies to the northwest of Belgium! Bruges have been praised as one of the nicest and prettiest city in the world and often referred to as the Venice of the North! 2 years ago I had plans to come here but it didn’t materialise for some reason. 24 months later, I i finally made it here. Funny enough, I have never watch the movie In Bruges but both an English Girl from London I met on the train over as well as a local lady from Bruges I met in Burg square while resting my legs asked if I had watch the movie! Seems like I should really do so. I would like to share all the pretty places and pictures I took in Bruges. Bruges is easily accessible by train or flixbus, the station is just outside of the city centre. I am also very fortunate to catch an outdoor concert on my first day here and met Stephanie over pictures in Bruges. So lovely to have met her and walk around the city together as well!

Belfry of Bruges and Markt Square! This two places goes together hand in hand, they are right smack in the centre of the city centre, you will surely not miss it at all. The Belfry is the icon of Bruges and towers above the city. It is surely an impressive sight! Together with the Markt Square, they are one of the most photographed spot in Bruges. Standing at 83m tall, the bell tower was once an important feature in the defence of the city, right now it is an attraction where you can pay to climb up for a view of the city.

On the first evening of my arrival I am also very fortunate to chance upon a outdoor concert right in front of the Belfry, there is some kind of event going on. This seems to be the norm especially during the summer. I have never been to an outdoor standing kind of concert and I was certainly interested! I also had the lovely company of stephanie as well. We got some beers and simply wind down the day with the concert. Lucky us!

The next place that I went to was the Burg Square and Stadhuis. They are located super near each other. Standing for more than 600 years, this is also where the governance of this pretty city comes from. When I first saw it, Brussels immediately came to my mind. It literally looks like a doppelganger to the Grand Place in Brussels. It is also packed at all times of the day!

If boat rides are your thing, you definitely have to head for one at the Dijver Canal, this area is also the prettiest spot I have found in the whole of Bruges. So lovely for pictures. Even if boat rides are not your thing, you can simply just stroll around the area and you will equally be amazed. You will really go crazy with pictures over here.

Church of our Lady Bruges is also another impressive architecture in the city. A Gothic church from the 13th century, it held an important part of the city history. I love the grounds of the church which is kind of lovely. Minnewaterpark near the train station is adorable as well. It is located towards the edge of the city centre. It is nice for a stroll or just lying down on some patch of grass by the canals. Visit the Sashius when you are here. It is rather lovely with the waters and the swans.

The real pretty side of Bruges doesn’t come from any particular site or attraction but rather the whole city as itself. Explore the random streets and corners when you wander around the city and be wow. With that being said, some of the area that I found really nice includes Jan Van Eyck Square and Rozenhoedkaai. Check out some of the pictures I took around town. Hint for good backdrop, just head to places near the canals! It is canals after canals and a hunt for canals. I love how you are constantly to get nicer and nicer ones when you get out of the main touristy places.

Given that I was here right in the peak of summer and the heat waves of course, you will find that in certain spots a canals can turn into an outdoor swimming pool with people flinging themself down for a nice cold dip. What a common thing in Summer over here in Europe.

Food wise, I feel that Bruges is rather expensive for dining out given that it is rather touristy as well. You should still be able to find something cheap such as pasta takeaway. Typical favourites goes without saying, fries and waffles. Belgian Fries are one of the best and no doubt the one I had here came to be one of the most glamourous one as well. This is no longer just fries but a full meal by itself. Look at my order from The Potato Bar. I got a large fries with the Old Bruges Topping which comes with Old Bruges Cheese, Bacon and Mustard Cress. Delicious but it sure got a little sick of it after a while. Side tip, go for the small one unless you are sharing it.

Conclusion, you surely have to spend 1 or 2 days at least in Bruges. I love taking the slow pace. The ability to see the place in another act when the sun have set, when the buildings glister under the setting sun! No trip to Belgium will be complete without Bruges. Come here specifically if you have to. I love you Bruges. Now, I can finally say I am In Bruges!

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