This is going to be a fairly short post. I was crashing with a host from Couchsurfing and was in Breda for a day or two, however I did not do much sightseeing since a majority of my time was simply spend chilling with my friend. But I would still want to share a little on this tiny little dutch city that I went before heading to Bruges! Breda is also super small and there are not much sights in particular. However this city is unique since it is very impressive on the shopping side. There is an abundance of stores in the city centre and the shopping district is one of the established one in Netherlands.

Breda City Centre is the main sight. It is near the train station as well. Pretty small city centre as well as a hub, you should be able to get by in a couple hours. Some of the sights that you have to see includes the Gothic Church as well as the central market square, Grote Markt as well as De Markt!

The area around the river is particular charming! Chic and lovely. Alongside you can also find restaurants and bars as well. Breda does seems to be a little quiet in the morning. Here are some of the pictures I took in the city! Thanks for showing me around Carmel! We even went to this little chic pop up bar right on the fringe of the city centre where we could just grab beers and shoot off conversations under the sun.

Breda Castle and Park Breda is another place to head to. The park is a lovely place to spend some time in the afternoon when the weather is good. Funny enough, there are some chickens in the park as well! HAHA. I did not head into the castle. But if you are interested it does seems to offer some guided tour. In the morning, I also went to the Begijnhof! This is a historical 13th century building. It is a walled complex that consists of houses and a small church. This place are for Catholic women who wanted to live a life of contemplation, and prayer in chastity. Worthy of a look.

Breda is one of the well known shopping city in Netherlands. The shopping scene here is comparable to any major cities that you might find in other places. It is very impressive especially for a city of its size. The main shopping district starts from the area around Grote Markt and De Markt, then it stretch all the way down until you exit the city centre. You can find most of the high end brands as well as shops such as Zara and H&M.

I had quite a lovely time in Breda chilling and just enjoying my day with nothing particular in mind. More of an experience living in a small city in Europe and spending time with my host. While there isn’t much to do, I certainly did not find it bored and make lots of friends and experience. It is definitely an overkill for me to have 2 days here. But since I had a host, it was alright. I will definitely just recommend coming in for the day! If you are nearby and looking for a place to visit, Breda is a good bet.

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