Strasbourg in the Alsace region, located near the border of Germany. It is also the capital of the Grand Est, this place is bustling with colors, timber. The history of alternating between German and French control over the centuries and its past also shows the mixtures of two cultures in this city! It is certainly one of the most interesting French city in the east to visit. Strasbourg is also one of the capital city of the EU! Besides it is also an interesting fact that I have been to all EU Capitals, together with Brussels, Frankfurt and Luxembourg City! The city is well known for its gothic cathedral that towers over the city as well as the cobbled streets and timber-framed houses that have survived for hundreds of years. It is impressive to see this buildings and we were also lucky enough that they survive the bombing raids in the world war! Follow me on my relaxing stay in Strasbourg!

The historic quarter of Strasbourg city centre, also known as Petite France, this place is the most gorgeous spot in the whole city. Known for cobblestone streets, canals, and well-preserved half-timbered homes. Most of them are built close to 500 years ago. I am sure that this is one place that you will go crazy on those cameras of yours. It is located towards the river around the southern part of the little city centre.

I especially love the part near the canals. If it is your kind of thing, you can also go on a river cruise and see them up close as well. Nearby, Alsatian eateries can be found easily here, while shops on and around Grand Rue sell clothing and souvenirs. Walk thru the various tiny streets or by the banks of the canals, this is how time should be spent.


Barrage Vauban is also another favourite of mine and just around the corner in Petite France. This structure is built in the 17th century for defense of the city and to encourage flooding in times of an attack. Known as the Great Lock, although of course this is not the purpose of the place in today time. It is a nice backdrop on pictures though.

Cathédrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg is the impressive gothic cathedral built in the 1400s. It is still very well maintained and one of the most crowded tourists attractions in the world. A sight of it is truly impressive and memorable! As a matter of fact this building is the world largest building for more than 227 years back in the 1600s! It is free to enter as well.

Surrounding the cathedrals are shops selling souvenirs as well as numerous eateries and ice cream shops. Most of the buildings on the street nearby are also super pretty, the blend of French and German architecture style in those timber framed houses. Go crazy with pictures.

Palais Rohan is another must see! The style of the 18th century palace is like no other. the late baroque style in polished brown exterior is pretty. It is located by the river and this spot is also one of my favourite, a little of the palace along side the waters in your backdrop. Perfect!

Homme de Fer is the main transport intersection in the area, with most of the trams passing by here. Place Kieber is the main square and together with the surrounding street, it form up the main shopping area in Strasbourg. It is a pretty huge one with most of the brands and shops you might want. There is even a couple of department store here. Rather happening. Lots of cafes as well.

On Sundays, this is also the market day, you can find lots of markets around the city, with a huge one near the university as well. Set for all sorts of necessity and fresh produce. Of course with any markets in France, you are able to find some authentic and fragrant rotisserie as well.

Located near the Orange Park is also the Parlement européen de Strasbourg, since Strasbourg is one of the capital city of EU, for those who are interested you can have a sight of the European Parliament. It is quite an impressive building! Orange Park is a large park located to the north east part of the city. It is super huge and an amazing place to spend the day when the weather is good. Although I have to say it is a little out of the city centre and probably a place that I will not visit in the night as well.

When in the Alsace region or this area of the country, especially in Strasbourg, you have to try out the signature food, which is some sort of flat pizza known as the tarte flambée! They are pretty common sight and you can certainly find them anywhere. They are usually topped with cream mushroom and onions. The baked in the oven. I have to say that they are kind of unique and a must try, although I do get kind of sick of the flavour after a while. Once in a while. For some great restaurant head to the east of the city centre just across the river there are a tons of good food over here. Eating out is not cheap here.

Here, they are also famous for their white wine. Alsace is the only French wine region in which most of the wines produced are varietal, and so made only with the grapes that give them their name. The most famous two are Gewürtztraminer and Riesling, which is one of my favourite.

I do also have to say that Strasbourg gets rather quiet in the evening. Doubt that it is a place known for the night life. More of an early town I guess. I truly enjoy the sights as well as the relaxing stay in Strasbourg. It is really the gem of the east side of France.

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