I am sure you all have heard of Colmar before or seen pictures of all those charming colorful attractive timber houses. It is a place that feels super unreal, nothing like France or in fact the imperialistic grand style that you are used to in Paris. More like a western fairy land, something that it is truly out of the world. The closest that I have seen these houses and building style will be from my trip to Hallstatt back 2 years ago. But Colmar comes as the more vibrant one, the more playful and happening town. The houses run next to canals with the iconic timber crossing as well as striking colors of brown, yellow and many more. It certainly reminds me of something that I will see in the movie Up, or in lego bricks played by kids. Colmar is also frequently ranked as one of the must visit in the world and a top destination in France as well as in Europe in guides. Feels like you are in Germany, but in fact the only greetings you hear are Bonjour and Bonsoir!

Colmar is the gem in the Grand Est region and a little sparkling one located just 30 mins from Strasbourg as well as near the German and Swiss border. Everywhere is very picturesque, something that why everyone flocks over here. I came from strasbourg for a day trip, which is almost the perfect way to do it. Colmar is meant for a lazy day of exploring. I am thankful to be here on a bright sunny day with clear blue skies as well! Making it perfect for me to take all sort of pictures. Most of the sights and nice places are enclave within the little centre or old town which is nicely preserved. You do not need to have any transportation within it. The train station itself is a easy 10 mins stroll away. Trains runs almost every half an hour to Strasbourg or nearby cities, my ticket cost around 10 euro.

First up when I arrive, I check out the Parc du Champ de Mars, it is a nice little green located between the train station and the old town. There is a rather grand fountain in the middle. Nice place for a rest. Do keep in mind that this part of the city, out of the historic old town is where it look more like the usual France!

Be enlighten or bewitched immediately once you step foot into the Vieux Colmar, the historic old town where it is all you are looking for. You are bright back to the 14th century. Many of the buildings being well preserved to this day! There is mainly no guide for this town or attractions that you have to must see! But in fact, getting lost between the little streets of this old city is a much better way of appreciating Colmar as a whole. Here are just some of my random snaps around the city.

When you are here you should also not miss out on the Dominican Church as well as the St Martin’s Church, this are the two impressive buildings towering in the city centre. Imposing! Surrounding the churches are also stalls set up by vendors selling all sorts of things.

La Petite Venice or in Anglaise, Little Venice, this is the main highlight of Colmar as well as the most pretty one. It is the place where some of the most gorgeous pictures of the place are taken at. Lined in the middle is a little canal known as the La Launch that adds up to its beauty as well. I love the spot seen from the Rue des Tanneurs and Rue des Ecoles best. Look how pretty they are!

If you would like, you can also go for a short canal boat ride here at Little Venice and see Colmar in a different perspective. Tickets cost 6 euros and they are really fun! I had a super good guide who makes lots of jokes and singing love songs to us on the trip which as supper funny. I also made a friend here during my trip in Colmar.

While I did not partake in any dining during my short stint here, I did visit a local market in the city centre and in fact just by Little Venice. It does seems to be pretty nice. Marché couvert Colmar! Probably one of the nicest and cheapest place to get some food. If not you can always head for some Tarte Flambee or Flammekueche which seems ever so popular here.

I will recommend everyone to pay a visit to Colmar especially if you are in the region or if not, make a trip down specifically. I am so happy to finally seen it and have it checked off my bucket list. You will never known when such historical places might be gone forever! Next up, a brand new country, Luxembourg!

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