Doing a little summary after this astonishing trip, The Bucket List is my second trip of the year after The Cathay Present! Do check that out if you haven’t already done so. This time around, I am headed to Europe, or more specifically with the focus on Scotland and in particular Isle of Skye. The trip was over the summer, coming from Singapore, I hate to travel to warm countries. New Zealand was actually the place to go, being high up on my bucket list. However it doesn’t seem to be practical to head there in full blown winter either where driving might be a challenge. Then I thought of the UK, where it is neither too cold or warm in the summer. Then there was scotland, a place that I would like to go and the Isle of Skye after hearing so much about it. So that came to the gist of this trip! I would just like to share some of my thoughts with you as well as sharing how much this trip cost in total!

It was a fulfilling trip, definitely! Besides heading to 4 Countries and 10 Cities, of which 8 of them are new to me. I had such a lovely time with my family, from the happening and quirky in Camden town to the rural mountains high up north in Isle of Skye. From shopping down the most glamourous streets and boutiques in Paris to hiking up all sorts of mountains in Scotland. While of course, I love to try and visit new places constantly, I also appreciate catching up on some of the misses I had in London and Paris. Hightea in England is a must!

I believe if you had follow this trip, my favourite place out of this trip definitely got to be Isle of Skye, the 5 days spent there was amazing, disconnected and relaxing. Every drive we took with breathtaking scenery where everywhere simply look like it came out of a postcard. The air was also the freshest I ever inhaled. I probably see more lambs than people over in Skye!

Some of the other favourites and highlight also include visiting The Macallan, an insight of whisky making which is a first for me.

Champagne tasting and visits in Reims and Epernay! Tasting exclusive champagne and taking a walk through those ancient caves were the bottles are aged! An unexpected surprise even came from the Taittinger peeps, where they even raised the Singapore Flag for me!

I also love all the food, two 3 Star Michelin Restaurant experience to the best pizza in Manchester. I also found probably the best roast duck in Europe at Dublin, it could even be better and cheaper than those back home!

Of course, these plump scallops from The Oyster Shed deserved another mention as well. And of course meeting lots of people as well as the oyster man himself!

On the little blogging side, I managed to try the newest Singapore Airlines J Class, try some UK Rail, road trips with a BMW, reviewed 7 new hotels and 2 new lounges as well!


And of course a rather unique and probably once in a lifetime experience on Ryan Air as well. It is certainly as bad as it seems. Stay tuned for the actual review.

I was in the UK, Ireland and Paris for a total of 25 days. As per the usual, cost for flights were kept to the minimum. We use miles to redeem for flights on Singapore Air Business Class to London. Tax and fees amount around 48 SGD per person. Then we had a train ride from London to Manchester, car rental around Scotland and Dublin. For internal flights, we only had two, one on the Ryan Air to Dublin that cost around 200 SGD and the Aer Lingus flight to Paris that cost around 500 SGD. All in all, we spend around 450 SGD per person on transport.

In total we spend 24 nights for this trip over there, this is over 7 accomodations. All of them being hotels with the exception of the Bed and Breakfast in Skye. Thankfully with the 4th night free benefit from Citi Prestige, we save quite a bit. We spend around 5300 SGD for accomodations, around 1800 SGD per person. A non chain Airbnb turn out to be the best experience ever!


I shall not state the amount that we spend on shopping since this is rather individualised, of course if you are getting that chanel boy that you have been aiming for it will not be this cheap anymore. We change a total of 4200 SGD to Euros and Pounds. Most of the stuff were paid in cash with the exception of some meals. All in all, that sums up to about 6000 for expenditure over there. 2000 SGD for each of us.

Thus that comes up to around 4250 SGD for each of us! It is certainly not a budget trip, neither are we splurging here and there. Of course, I never scrimp when it comes to travelling. 25 days with good flights, hotels stays as well as really good food. We even had two 3 star michelin meals. I will say that the price is not too bad! Let me know if you all have any questions.

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