Unsure of how many such trips I am still able to take in the future, it is rather better to be living in the moment and do it while I can, while I am able. You never know when you will run out of time or the ability to do so. Continuing on my previous adventure The Bucket List, I separated from my parents in Paris and continue on alone in Europe. This time around I want to visit lesser known cities and definitely avoid those tourists attractions. I also did it pretty last minute and this is more of an impromptu, looking up the map and where should I head to tomorrow kind of solo trip. Well it guess it kind of mix it up for me and gave me extra excitement. I will share my thoughts on winging it at the end of this whole series!

We sort of ended of the previous trip, The Bucket List in the start of july and I had about two months more of summer break. Being Seeing The World In Steps, of course I can’t be just lazing around in Singapore. Lazing around in Europe sounds like a much better idea! In the end I did cut short the trip and come home earlier in August. More about that at a later note! All in all, I spend about a month in Europe. Mostly around Eastern France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium as well as in Germany. I planned my route on the go which is a first for me and the idea is to head to places that I have not been to. Of course finally I head to Zurich since my flight back home was from there! Just a little peak, I went to 6 countries, 15 Cities in total. With a couple checked off my list such as Colmar, Bruges, Berlin and Zurich! Before flying back home from Zurich. Den Haag came out as a nice surprise and one of my favourite! This is somewhat my routing.


It will still be a mixture of Couchsurfing and Hotels for me. Although in the end I didn’t really do as much as I hope so. But I still very much enjoy my CS experience in Lille and Breda. The people I met were amazing. My host in Lille is also some sort of CS Professional where she literally lives for these things and have hosted hundreds of people!

Hotel wise, most of them are part of the Hilton group after all I wanted to cash in on my Gold Status as well as the ability to earn points. It does serve me rather well and I got some free nights from the points earned as well. You can definitely look forward to lots of reviews. There are around 7 of them so expect plenty of reviews.

The whole main point of flying back from Zurich to Singapore is also due to trying the latest Singapore Airlines A380 Suites where I have been yearning for so long. Availability were rather good as well and I got a saver class award. It was such an amazing flight and the crew I had were excellent as well. So do stay tuned for that. Besides a couple of contract lounge, the most exciting one would be the Swiss Senator Lounge in Zurich. I also have a short intra Europe flight on Swiss Air that I would like to share with you as well.

Attraction wise, there is too much to say right here, besides all the new cities that I have been to, some of my favourite includes Den Haag, Colmar, Burges and Berlin. I will also like to share on my amazing experience of celebrating the Swiss National Day and catching the fireworks over the Rhine Falls! Besides that there is also the amazing day trip to Kandersteg, Oeschinensee, Blausee & Thun, get ready to be wow by my pictures and the scenery!

This trip is also super amazing and wonderful given the amount of people that I met along the way, from on the train and bus to just people on the street while we help each other with pictures. I end of with a couple more friends and Instagram followers by the end of the trip! I also have a different perspective to trips this time around, kind of liking it slower and a more flexible plan. But definitely planning my route on the go and winging it is a no go for me!

Another very unique point on this trip was the timing. I was just right, at the right place, at the right time when the French, Belgium and the Swiss was celebrating their national day. This is certainly the most memorable event on the road so far from me. It is totally unplanned.

I was even in Brussels the same time as a Friend back home! We spend some time together around the city and proudly, the hottest day in Europe! Us, bringing the heat back home from Singapore! Here is a little peek on what’s to come!

Chapter Wanderlust II:
Hilton Strasbourg
Hotel Empire Luxembourg
Luxembourg City
Hilton Rotterdam
The Hague
Hilton Garden Inn Brussels City Centre
Flix Train Cologne to Hamburg
Reichshof Hamburg, Curio Collection by Hilton
Hilton Berlin
Hampton by Hilton Berlin City Centre Alexanderplatz
Berlin Airportclub Lounge Tegel Airport Terminal A
Swiss Air LX977 A320 TXL – ZRH Economy
Hilton Zurich Airport
Rhine Falls X Swiss National Day
Kandersteg, Oeschinensee, Blausee & Thun
Swiss Senator Lounge & Business Lounge E Zurich Kloten Airport
Singapore Airlines SQ345 A380 ZRH – SIN Suites
Thoughts on winging on the road

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