While I have been to tons or most of the Priority Pass lounges in Singapore Changi Airport this past few years. Singapore is a galore of Priority Pass lounge, across the 4 terminal and Jewel, we have 11 lounge and 1 restaurant! You could definitely do a 12 round lounge hopping if you have the mood for it. I realised that the Dnata Lounge in Terminal 1 is missing from my list. My go to lounge in Terminal 1 is usually the Plaza Premium since the food is pretty good, this time around, I decide to give the Dnata a try and I could review it as well. I came from the TGM restaurant in Terminal 2 but since my flight was departing from Terminal 1 I decide to come here and wait for my flight. Dnata lounge is located one level up from the main terminal. It is located just beside the new Qantas First Class lounge which is definitely on my radar!

On the first glance, the Dnata lounge looks fresh and new, seemingly built not too long ago. I was there in the late afternoon and it is pretty quiet as well. The lounge have a grand exterior and entrance. There was no wait and I was admitted after swiping my card and welcomed in. There are two main areas to the lounge, located to the left and right of the entrance. There is a very bright and new central area. I feel like this is one of the nicest PP lounge that I have been in Changi. The space was huge as well and felt like it could accommodate lots of people. I do not know whether it suffers from crowding, perhaps in the late night departure peak, although when I was here, it is still quiet.

Towards the right of the entrance is the main area of the lounge, it is mainly located along the corridor and in a huge rectangular form. The space is huge and one open area basically although I am glad that it is well designed, the placement of the seats as well as the usage of various partition makes it a lot more private. I will let the picture shows more of the seating arrangements. Seats are the usual lounges kind but still pretty comfortable. I also like it that outlets can be found easily and they also do have the USB ports which is nice.

At the far end you can also find a drinks station. Quite a nice touch, first you can elevate the crowding situation during peak hours, then it can also prevent you from walking all the way to the main refreshments area for a top up. Still rather well stocked with boozes and can drinks. Coffee machine etc. But the full selection is available at the dining area.

On the other end of the lounge, on the opposite site, this is where you can find the dining area. Here there are more proper dining tables as well as high top seatings. Although you can take the food and dine anywhere in the lounge.

Food wise you can find some sandwiches, mini cakes along the buffet line. It is rather extensive and one of the more impressive ones for contract lounges. There are some vegetables, curry, rice. You can find an assortments of Asian, Chinese and Western selection. The food is fresh and hot. Furthermore later on, there is also a little make your own udon station as well. You can also find a mushroom soup.

Drinks are awesome! This is by far the most impressive side of the lounge. Such a beautiful display. The well stocked fridges somehow reminds me of the ones in Cathay Pier First Class Lounge. Besides a fountain and coffee machine. You have neatly displayed individual can drinks such as tomato, pineapple juice, ginger ale, soda water as well as 3 different kind of beers. Asahi, Sapporo and Heineken. Perhaps since JAL uses this lounge as well!

You can also find some liquor selection as well as 2 red and 1 white on offer. The selection is really awesome.

What is even better is the Hudson barista made coffee that they serve in the lounge. Basista made coffee drinks in a contract lounge? This got to be a first for me. The coffee is yums and so nicely made. Although it is worth noting that this is only available on certain hours. In the evening it does seems to be available after 6pm. I had a Flat White which is executed perfectly.

I got a look at their toilets and shower rooms which are individually located. They are alright and rather fresh. Toiletries are the dispenser kind. Nothing fancy but usable. Not a bad lounge where you can find everything that you might need!

Overall I am very happy and impressive with the Dnata Lounge. It is definitely one of the top contract lounges I have been to and in fact put ghe Changi Lounge at Jewel to shame which I had just visited recently. The food is solid and the drinks is awesome. This is a true contender to the Plaza Premium Lounge nearby. Terminal 1 does have a lot of awesome lounges. This might just be my go to choice in this terminal. Next up! Doubletree Resort by Hilton Penang!

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